Saturday, 24 September 2011

Things I Need In My Wardrobe.. #6

As the temperature sinks lower & lower (apart from that weird predicted heatwave this week), and I've realised that not wrapping up can actually get you ill, I've started looking into warm things to wear this winter. Yes, yes, only yesterday I was saying how I am ridiculously obsessed with knitwear at the moment.. but I need more than just cable knit to keep me cosy and on trend! So the subject of my latest fashion-hunt is... 


If you have been paying any attention recently you'll know I downright refuse to wear anything made from an animal - so the trend for faux fur suits me perfectly. Real fur is cruel and unnecessary, so I'm incredibly glad that it's faux that the fash-pack are going wild for. Not only does fur link into so many trends (elegantly trimming 40s style coats, huge shaggy 70s pieces, navajo-esque items, cosy english heritage style), but it is ridiculously warm. I actually remember owning a faux fur hat when I was about 7 - see how ahead of the times I was!

I'm not sure exactly what I want from my faux fur gem though - I seem to have items from every trend that it could be worn with! And on the one hand, a decadent statement piece would make my wardrobe legendarily cool, but could become dated in a few months.. whereas a more versatile piece would essentially be more wearable and better value for money.. Oh, who am I kidding trying to reason it out? I'll do my usual trick.. take a look at the options and see which one I fall in love with!

£90, ASOS
As per usual, one of my first stops was ASOS - they have the hottest trend items all year round, so I could count on them for something truly amazing. And they didn't disappoint. This coat is gorgeous, soft-looking and I can picture wearing it sat in a cosy cafe with hot chocolate while snow falls outside.. But it's kind of out of my price range!

£20, ASOS
This is just one of the many cute collars, hats, cuffs and raccoon tails that ASOS has to offer - for quirky, amazing fur accents look no further. This particular collar caught my eye because it evokes old retro glamour, and would take a simple outfit to a whole new level of awesome.

£70, Topshop
The next obvious place to hunt down cool faux fur was Topshop, it may be pricey but it is always on top of the trends. There are so many more achingly cool coats and gilets that I had to tear myself away from the page.. This gilet though is my top pick - so versatile, you could wear it every day and layer it up in so many ways!

£35, Topshop
For a quick dash of faux fur, try a bag. It doesn't commit you to the trend, but adds a luxe feel to pretty much any outfit. This one comes in a few other colours, I just love the purple.

£80, River Island
River Island has an amazing collection of faux fur pieces this season, and they are all incredible. This coat is a real walk on the wild side, combining luxe faur fur with one of the most glamorous prints around - leopard. Dare to wear it if you've got serious fashion credentials and fashion balls of steel!

Another gilet that would work for effortless layering, I love the more unusual printed fur and the pricetag is a bonus!

£60.00, Boohoo
If you don't want to go for all-out fur, this jacket is perfect. Mixing up textures is insanely cool right now, so this really is a no-brainer. I love the fitted style which counteracts the huge furry cuffs & collar.

£80, Miss Selfridge
Well hello, vintage glamour! This coat is so ridiculously gorgeous that I'm a little bit in love with it already.. The cool camel colour, gold buttons and faux fur trim combined just scream 40s screen siren. This would be the kind of coat you keep forever and always look amazing in - total investment!

These are just a few of the stunning faux fur options out there - coats, gilets, cuffs, stoles, scarves, bags, shoes.. you can get pretty much anything with some faux fur trim right now! And you know what? I still don't know what I want to buy. Next time I go shopping (probably after payday - woohoo!) I will probably fall in love with a million different things, but will hopefully gain a snuggly, beautiful item to see me through winter in efffortless style. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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