Monday, 26 September 2011

Fashion Confession.

Oops. Only just remembered that my weekly reveal-all fashion confession was due today - my brain is just not working right now. But moving on from my lack of memory, the latest confession of mine is...

I do not understand the appeal of playsuits/jumpsuits.

Yes, they are seriously in fashion right now. Playsuits are apparently a cute alternative to dresses, while jumpsuits embody Studio 54 glamour.. but I'm just not feeling it! It could be the accumulation of 8 years in leotards, but anything that's basically an all-in-one just does not feel glamorous to me, or make me want to wear it. I could be missing out on some serious chances to look amazing, but I don't care. There are so many other options (and I will never need an alternative to a dress, when dresses are lush in themselves) and I just cannot ever see myself buying one. Call me narrow-minded, prejudiced, whatever, but in this case I am prepared to be very unfair and judgemental. Just this once. I wouldn't wear one if you paid me. (Unless we're talking thousands here.) Love and kisses, Tara xox

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