Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Star Style Obsession - Olivia Palermo

My star style obsessions so far have been quite varied in their style.. I get inspiration from anyone, anywhere who looks good, and since I love trying out different trends, it makes sense that I am inspired by people with different images. There's probably a running theme for style chameleons in my obsessions though, and the next girl is no different. Olivia Palermo isn't a singer, or actress, she's a New York socialite, and while I usually hate people who are famous without much reason, I love Olivia simply because she always looks amazing.

And she doesn't achieve it by sticking to a fashion formula, like an LBD, or always wearing hotpants (yes, I'm talking to you Pixie Lott), Olivia looks incredible because she takes risks. She changes her style every day. She isn't afraid to be a little bit different. Not quite Gaga-different, just quirky, unusual and always fashion-forward. Here are a few of my favourite Palermo looks, and I think you'll see what I mean..

First off, here's an amazing look from Cannes 2009 - I love the monochrome short suit, and the way she has still stamped her individuality on it with the neck tie. The simple up do and makeup is a perfect match for this smart ensemble.

And then another of my favourites came the very next day of the Cannes Film Festival 2009.. I love a good print dress, and the simple styling lets it speak for itself. Straight away you can see how much she changes her style, going from smart and boyish to girly and chic overnight - I aspire to be this much of a fashion chameleon.

It's not just events that Olivia shines at, her on-the-street wardrobe is impeccable too. Top to toe black is always a winning look, but I like that she hasn't just played on the safe side, mixing in textures with that faux fur gilet. And look, she's even being practical with flats! Girl after my own heart.

I'm pretty sure this many print clashes shouldn't work, but somehow on Olivia they do. It still hurts my eyes a little, but in a good way! And the bag is literally gorgeous. I think the secret to pulling this off is the minimal make up and simple, pulled-back hairstyle.

Clever accessorizing at its best here. Palermo knows that a bright printed scarf is perfect for adding interest to simple outfits. And that clutch has cropped up a few times, but I love it, so it's okay, and I love how she has echoed the brown tone with her shoes.

More clashing from Olivia, and yet again she pulls it off effortlessly where mere mortals would only commit fashion failures. This time I think the dark tone of it all makes it work, especially with the bolder makeup.

On the street and looking amazing again. The ruffled, feminine texture of the skirt is offset perfectly with the boxy jacket, and the detail on those shoes is just beautiful. 

But look, the girl doesn't just do in your face! This is an incredibly simple outfit, made brilliant by textures (yes I disapprove of leather, but she is rocking it), stand out heels and a sparkly clutch. That and her trademark gorgeous glossy hair and simple sweet makeup.

Like I said, I love a good print dress, and this one gets my seal of approval. Especially since it is a Zara piece - see, stars love high street too! Her opulent accessories add a luxe feel to the dress, and once again her simple hair means that even that purple fringed bag isn't too much. 

This kind of colour blocking is only for the brave. Not many could carry off this dress, I know I couldn't, but yet again, superhuman Palermo makes it look stunning. I think its the way she then sticks to the colours already on the dress when accessorizing.. Nice little style tip for pulling off bold looks, thankyou Olivia!

Fashion balls of steel are being displayed here. This could so easily be wandering into pyjama territory (printed trousers always remind me of PJs), but again, she makes it work. I think this is dividing fashion critics worldwide, but I personally admire her guts, and think once again her impeccable accessorizing means she looks incredible. Again. 

Argh. Total wardrobe envy just set in. But Olivia's amazing looks are never just about the clothes - her swishy, glossy hair complements every outfit, and her makeup is never OTT enough to steal attention away from what she wears. For me, it's the way she is perfectly polished and every outfit has been carefully thought about that makes her such a style queen, as well as her ability to pull off absolutely anything. Love this girl, and can't wait to see what she wears next. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This is what happens when I get bored.

If you leave me alone of an evening, rather than actually being productive and doing homework, or organising my bag for the new term, I will inevitably paint my nails. Well, toenails. It's not worth doing my fingernails, only to have to take it off a day later for work (damn health & safety!), so only my toes get to feel special..

After the leopard print of last time, a simple polish job was never going to do, now was it? So after looking up nail designs for a while, I just ignored all the ideas and made my toes into ladybirds. Well, big toes only. Little toes just got spots, cause they would have been insanely fiddly.

First of all I used a base coat, then painted my nails in Victoria & Albert by Nails Inc. Then when that was dry I used Black Creme by Wet N Wild to do the black detail, using the normal brush with the polish for the heads on my big toes, and the customary kebab skewer for the lines and spots. I used the same red, but with the kebab skewer, to do the eyes. I let it dry and painted on a topcoat, and voila - ladybirds!

More nail polish fun to come soon, I've got tonnes of new colours that I'm itching to try out.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Hitting Those Shops Again..

It's amazing the amount of times I can pound the pavements of Taunton high street and still come back for more! I'm perpetually excited by shopping - the chance to go out and wear new clothes, while searching for newer ones, or even just getting outfit ideas (during that awkward time in the middle of the month when I have no money) - and I go once a week at least during the holidays.. Term-time is less regular, but I still go whenever I get the chance. So anyway, today I was once again diving into the stores happily, and here's what I wore..

Top - New Look; Jeans & Shoes - Primark; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Bracelet - from Camden market; Ring - ASOS.
This is technically the start of my autumn wardrobe (almost-long sleeves & jeans) because the weather seems to have gotten autumn-winter-ish already.. Colour pop jeans nearly brightened up the day - you'll notice that I love brights in winter to cheer myself up - and polka dots are THE print to be seen in this season.

Of course, if you've been keeping up, you'll realise I had a bit of a mission today - get a bag for college. A beautiful, ladylike, elegant-yet-cool bag, that is also a practical size, strong, durable, and able to go with any outfit I wear for the next 9 months..
And here it is! A totally gorgeous mock-croc pink-red bag from River Island - only £40, so a total steal of a piece in my opinion. Typically though, this wasn't on the shortlist I composed yesterday.. I walked into River Island, and while trying out the brown bag from yesterday's post this beauty caught my eye. After shopping around and trying out its capabilities (does it fit a folder, is the handle strong, does it suit me) I decided that this was the one for me. As well as those more practical issues, the first things I loved about it were the vibrant colour, chic shape and cool tassel detail. Mission accomplished. Now expect to see a LOT of it with my outfits! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Monday, 29 August 2011

Things I Need In My Wardrobe.. #4

As college is sneaking up on me again - I go back on September 7th - I've gone into a little bit of a panic about getting a new bag.. I'll be carrying it every day for about 9 months, something which nearly murdered last years bag, so it needs to be practically sized, easy to carry, and look awesome with everything. So next up on my wishlist is... THE LADYLIKE BAG.

Ladylike accessories were all over the catwalk, as they work perfectly with pretty much any of the new season trends - either with tailored jackets and trousers for boy-meets-girl, worn with jewel hues for 70s chic, or with 40s style dresses, or even with dark florals. There is no way I can get through AW '11 without snapping up one of these multitasking beauties. And the easiest way to tap into the prim, ladylike look that accessories are all about, is a great handbag - college is just the biggest excuse to get a new one!

£40.00, Oasis
I fell for this bag as soon as I saw it! The gorgeous mustard hue is a straight out of the new AW colour palette, while the shape is elegant yet simple and the ostrich style looks very retro - and it's non leather. Such a bargain too, especially if you work out the cost-per-wear. The only issue is size.. no measurements on the site, so I'd have to buy it in store to be sure (which is difficult in the back of beyond) and even then if could be too small.

 £35.00, ASOS
Yet again, one of my first stops on the bag hunt was ASOS, and I wasn't disappointed. This bag is beautiful all over - from the mock croc style to the soft blue colour and gold fastenings.. again, size is my only issue. 28cm high, 33cm long...

 £36.00, Topshop
Topshop always have gorgeous bags, and this is no exception. Again the red colour is straight out of the hottest AW colour palette, and the simple shape is ladylike chic at its best. H=32cm, L=30cm.. apparently sizing is going to be my biggest issue.

 £35.00, Miss Selfridge
Cream isn't my favourite colour in the world.. but there's no denying that this bag is the perfect ladylike shape and pattern. It's also bigger than the others, since it is an overnight bag, with measurements of H=33cm, W=44cm, D=18cm.

 £35.00, Miss Selfridge
This bag is very similar to the Oasis one, with the light colour and ostrich finish, and that's probably why I like it so much! The little heart tag is very cute, and it would be a perfect, elegant addition to any outfit. It's also got measurements of H=25cm, W=39cm, D=16cm, meaning it just might be big enough..

 £50.00, River Island
The most expensive so far, this bag is absolutely stunning. Non leather, beautiful colours and fastenings, and a gorgeously ladylike shape - and at the cost-per-wear over 9 months, the price is actually quite reasonable. The size is also pretty generous - H=36cm, W=37cm.

 £19.99, New Look
The cheapest option, this is still beautiful with the differing leather and croc finishes, and the sweet little padlock. However, it is only 25cm high and 33cm long, and I find that particular shade of brown a bit unnattractive - had it been in mustard or lighter tan, I would already be racing to the shops.

£45.00, River Island
I just couldn't resist putting this stunning bag in. The jade colour is absolutely beautiful, as is the unusual bamboo style handle and the tassel detail. It's just so unusual and unique, perfect for adding a luxe feel to any outfit. H=29cm, W=31cm, so it just might be big enough.. but there is always the issue of whether it'll be strong enough, and whether the handle is comfortable enough to carry every day.

 The only downside about buying a handbag for college is the practicality of it! After looking at all of these gorgeous bags, the decision is still difficult, because if I fall in love with a colour or style, you can bet it will be too small, or not sturdy enough to cope with all the junk I carry around for college (I'm talking A4 folders, refill pads, textbooks..). Disappointingly.

Out of all of those bags, it is hard to pick a favourite, and if I end up with any of them I'll be ridiculously happy, and buzzing about carrying it every day. The leaders of the pack for me are the mustard Oasis bag, the two River Island bags and the blue ASOS bag. I'm off to town tomorrow, so I can try and hunt down the 2 River Island bags, but the other two I could only buy online.. and having just measured a folder to find out it is H=24cm, L=32cm, buying without trying makes me nervous. If only I didn't have to tote so much stuff around..

Pretty soon you'll see which bag I end up with for college, hopefully one of these gorgeous bags on the list! It's also highly tempting just to buy one as a new handbag, even if I don't desperately need one.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Stargazing, my way!

Okay, okay, so technically it got here about half an hour before I left for the airport on Monday.. And yes, I've been home for a day and a half, so I'm a lazy little blogger - but ah well, here it is.. my beautiful star print dress! 

Originally from Next, this was a total steal on eBay. It's so similar to the ASOS dress I loved, but much more affordable! Stars are one of the only prints to be seen in during AW '11, and I love that they still feel a little quirkier than spots or stripes. This dress was a must-buy for me because it is also in a cute, retro 40s style with the knee-length swishy skirt, collar and ruffles, and short sleeves - basically I love it! It's the kind of dress you could wear with minimal styling and still look amazing, but in my opinion it's crying out for some seam-back tights, court shoes and a slick of red lipstick. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Viva Madrid!

I'll just start by saying I have fallen in love with this city now! I may be a complete country girl who spent four days feeling incredibly small-town when surrounded by sky-high buildings, but as I said on the last day of the holiday - I could see myself living there. There's just something about the perpetual blue sky, the laid-back way that nothing gets going until at least midday & then doesn't finish till at least ten at night, and the busy streets lined with shops, cafes and restaurants, something that instantly makes you feel welcome, despite being a complete, guide-book-toting tourist. Speaking the lingo didn't hurt either.

Now, before I bore you all senseless with my little love affair with Madrid, to make up for five days of silence, I'll kick off the post with all my outfits from the trip. 

Day 1 = the airport, and a need to layer up for the heavy AC they use on planes!
Top - H&M; Trousers, Belt & Shoes - New Look; Blazer - Topshop; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Ring - ASOS; Bracelets - Accessorize; Necklace - Present from Mum.

Day 2 - hot weather and blue sky mean my summer wardrobe is actually feasible here. LWDs are not over yet, and tan/brown accessories are classically summery.
Dress - Cult; Belt & Shoes - H&M; Bag & Ring - Primark; Necklace & Bracelet - Topshop.

Day 3 - I think the whited-out picture shows how insanely bright & sunny it was.. more than an excuse for a summer dress!
Dress & Belt - New Look; Shoes & Rings - H&M; Bag & Bracelet - Primark; Necklace - Topshop; Sunglasses - Ray Ban.

Day 4 - more sunshine = more high hemlines!
Top & Shoes - H&M; Shorts - Reverse; Bag & Ring - Primark; Necklace - Topshop; Sunglasses - Ray Ban.

Day 5 - the sun is still an excuse for short shorts.
Top, Ring & Shoes - New Look; Shorts - River Island; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Earrings & Necklace - Topshop; Bracelet - Pull & Bear.

Having seen what I was wearing, I'm sure you're all dying to know what else I bought to swell the ranks of my wardrobe army of clothes! I honestly did my best not to buy too much, but when surrounded by shops, what's a girl to do? The only thing that stopped me going insane in the many branches of Mango, H&M, Sephora etc were that due to some unknown feature of currency conversion, things in shops that I can get to in England were actually more expensive in Spain - so I had to hold fire and only go to shops I'd only seen in Spain, so that I wouldn't overpay. Also, the fact that I am desperately saving my pounds for running my car, going on a gap year, and studying at uni for at least 3 years, means that I am trying to be a little bit sensible with money.

First off, this striped midi pencil skirt from Stradivarius ( - colour blocking in a more retro shape. Even if I'm not sure about the orange belt with the skirt, it was such a little bargain, and it'll be a fun, playful piece to wear.

These 3 tees all came from Pull & Bear ( - I've been saying I needed more staples and these were perfect, as well as totally affordable and good quality.

Okay, ignore the strange colouring in the picture, this blouse is actually a cute reddish-pink.. The bow and floaty quality just drew me in, and again it was another affordable find, this time from Lefties.

I can't resist cute, kitsch socks, and these pairs from Blanco ( were too funny to pass up.

See, I didn't go crazy! But this post doesn't simply stretch to wearing and buying, there is so much more to Madrid.. Even without shopping & style, the food would have been enough to keep me entertained for the whole trip. Despite being vegetarian, I managed to eat myself into a total food coma in the four days I was there, because everything was so delicious that I just couldn't say no. 

Panaderias and pastelerias were everywhere (bakeries to you and me), and pastries were basically the only thing to have for breakfast, so we kicked the days off in incredibly unhealthy style with Napolitanas de Chocolate (like croissants with chocolate sprinkles on top), but not too early thankfully, because the Spanish seem to like their lie-ins.. most bakeries or coffee shops weren't opening up till about ten AM! That mid-morning cake run basically set the tone for the day.. 

Then somewhere between 12 and 3 we would have some variation on lunch - one day it was a 3 course menu of the day with wine/beer and bread too, another day it was yet another pastry, and another day it was a salad with falafel from an amazing little company called Maoz. - check it out. Dinner was just as varied - ranging from chips and pizza to a buffet libre from Salad&Co. This all-you-can-eat idea was possibly a mistake in retrospect.. I saw it as a challenge, and ended up eating so much I could barely move. But you gotta get your Euros-worth!

I don't even know where to start on snacks.. Well, think of a quintessentially Spanish snack - that's right, churros! The only place in Madrid to get your doughy, chocolatey junk food hit is the Chocolateria San Gines, yes it's a little pricey, but it is also totally delicious.

How delicious does that look? Just make sure you do plenty of walking round the city to burn it off!

Besides churros, the numerous ice cream shops will help keep you cool, if you don't mind paying over a Euro a scoop that is.. And if you don't mind price, and fancy feeling a little healthier, then you need to hit the Mercado de San Miguel, where there is a frozen yogurt bar. My obsession with this ice-cream alternative is no secret - I went three times - and now I just need to find one nearer to me than Madrid. I went for strawberry and caramel on my yogurt (possibly killing the health factor), but was sorely tempted by the chocolate brownie.

I think that was the mainstay of my food in Madrid, and if there's one thing I regret not trying, it's veggie paella - but hey, there's always next time.. And I did get to have a glass of Sangria, so that's one typical Spanish thing done!

As well as all that, the culture was awesome too. We took a day trip out to Segovia and marvelled at the original Roman aqueduct that is still standing, as well as the Alcazar and Cathedral - then back in the city centre, the squares, architecture, palace and convent kept my culture-loving dad happy enough to put up with my love of just walking the streets, occasionally shopping and eating.

Phewww! Now that is a monster post. If you read it all, I congratulate you on your stamina. Now I'm back within range of my computer, I'll be blasting my fashion ramblings at you every day again.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fashion Confession.

I feel bad, after yesterday's silence, so here's a little fashion confession for you all..

I have lots of clothes I've never worn, but I still want more.

And that is probably why my mum says I don't need any more clothes.. And yes, I feel guilty about owning stuff and letting it go to waste in my drawers/wardrobe, but often there just hasn't been the opportunity to wear it! Some beautiful things are just waiting patiently for their occasion, and everything has one - whether it's tomorrow, this year, 2030.. whenever. Everything will get worn eventually, and look fab when it does! I know, you're probably going to say if you didn't have an occasion in mind when you bought it, you didn't need it. Possibly true. But I like to have options! I like to have a little piece of all the trends, and when I find that perfect piece, I'll snap it up. Yes, want and need are different things  - but to me, you can never have enough clothes.

I'll warn you, there's another reason I double-posted today - I fly to Madrid this evening! While that does mean an amazing city break, some actual sunshine & the chance to soak up some European style, it also means I might be unable to post until Saturday! Urgh.If you follow me on twitter @odjstyle I shall do my best to keep tweeting whenever I have WiFi.. and I promise a huge post of outfits and style and cute finds when I get back. Love and kisses, Tara xox

What I Wore.. Yesterday.

Yes, yesterday it was all silent on the blog front.. but with good reason! I went up to London with my friend for the day, and was out from 7.15am-9.45am. I know, I know, that's hardly late, but I was SO tired.. anyway, here comes my London day-tripping outfit..

Top - New Look; Shorts - Reverse; Blazer - Topshop; Tights & Ring - Primark; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Shoes - Lime; Bracelets - Topshop & ASOS.

The picture isn't the most amazing one, I'll admit, but we were rushing to catch the bus! I felt a little bit random and eclectic yesterday with the patterns etc, but the blazer pulls it all together. Literally one of my best buys ever.

Shockingly for me, I didn't buy very much in London (I know, collective jaw-dropping), but the main reason we went wasn't shopping.. it was to go to an exhibition! My friend asked me because it would be perfect research for her photography project, and since it was an exhibition of old Hollywood photos, it was right up my street too.. It's at the National Portrait Gallery, and called Glamour of the Gods. Seriously, check it out if you love old Hollywood, or if you just love a bit of glamour and fashion.

Of course, after the exhibition, we hit Oxford Street - when in London, it's a must - but we didn't get very far! After a quick lunch, we managed to browse H&M, then got sucked into the amazingness that is Topshop Oxford Circus. It is literally the shop of my dreams. Topshop is my favourite shop anyway, so 4 floors of it is heaven - but then it is so much better than all the stores down here.. so many gorgeous concessions, a WAH nail bar, a Hershesons blow dry bar, The Powder Lounge brow and lash bar, a little cafe.. and then further up, two things we couldn't resist. One, Lola's cupcakes - possibly the most beautiful little cakes ever. Two, FRAE frozen yogurt - healthier than ice cream, totally yummy, and with amazing toppings (we had strawberry, granola & oreos). Then I just about had time to buy some earrings before we hot-footed it back to the bus station and came back to the West Country.

One thing I've learned from today is that a day is not enough - next time I'll need a good shopping weekend in London! Hopefully that can be arranged soon! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm the spirit of my hair, it's all the glory that I bear..

My hair is my absolute favourite feature, and therefore I look after it pretty well - it's my pride and joy! It's also a defining part of me, a good way to point me out in a crowd has always been 'the short one with really long hair'. Add to that the fact that it is incredibly thick (every hairdresser I've had says it is the thickest they've ever cut), and basically the best bit of me, and you'll understand that it is quite high maintenance. Okay, I'll admit that I only wash it twice a week, because it just doesn't get greasy or dirty that quickly, but it does take at least half an hour just to wash it properly. 

Before you think I'm just incredibly vain about my hair, this isn't a 'Tara's Hair Appreciation Post', I'm actually going to share my haircare essentials with you, and exactly how good they are! 

First up, my shampoo of choice.. I Love Juicy, by Lush. I've been using this shampoo for years now, not only because it is gorgeously fruity and smells amazing, but because it makes my hair super shiny and soft. It is also brilliant for getting my hair squeaky-clean, great after a sandy, salty day at the beach, or if I've used a load of product. 

Next up, Pantene Colour Protect & Smooth Conditioner. I have only been using this for a few months, after seeing the adverts and deciding to give it a go.. Turns out that it is a brilliant product for those of us who dye our hair - it honestly does make the colour last better, as well as making hair sleeker and softer. Basically, it does what it says on the bottle, and smells fresh and clean too!

Another Pantene product, the Colour Protect 2 Minute Damage Rescue Treatment - another recent find, I use it every time I wash my hair, just in case the straightening frazzles it. Again, does exactly what it says - helps rescue damaged hair, without taking ages! This is definitely an essential.

As I said, I do like to stop my hair frazzling when I straighten it, so every time I do I prep my locks with VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray. Another one that smells great (I'm starting to think that's all I look for in a hair product..), this is brilliant for even protection against heat, and the little spray bottle lasts a while too.

My final hair essential is Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. While my hair in general doesn't get too greasy, my fringe does - especially in hot weather (not that we'd know much about that here in Britain), so dry shampoo revives it. Batiste is affordable, yet a bit of a miracle worker, and Blush has my favourite smell of them all. Next week in Madrid I'll be living off this stuff.

Those are my hair essentials - I continually stock up on them, and running out would be a crisis. You also now know that my look is hardly 100% natural.. My hair is dyed (but not vastly different to my natural hue) and straightened and takes a lot of work! I'll let you know if I find any new miracle products, but it will take a lot to beat these out of my bathroom. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Friday, 19 August 2011

What I'm Buying.

H&M order Part Two finally came today! Now there's only one more installment from H&M to go - oh the awkwardness of buying brand-new AW stuff before it's properly out. Then again, why send me the catalogue if I can't have the clothes? Pffft. Oh well.. here's what was on my doorstep when I got home from town..

Yes, there is something a teensy bit depressing about buying knitwear in August, but the fact is that this jumper is so gorgeous, I coulnd't stop myself. I can already tell I'm going to live in it when the cold weather hits! The chunky detailing is also perfect for the country heritage trend, and power jumpers are big news this season, so I am already prepared to do AW '11 in style - and not freeze! Love and kisses, Tara xox

What I Wore Today..

Another quick trip into town today, and since the sun was finally showing his face again, I stuck firmly to summer clothes!

Top & Hat - New Look; Shorts - Blue Miss; Shoes & Rings - H&M; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Bangles - Primark & handmade in India.
Shockingly, I went to town today, and bought no clothes.. Mostly because I have no money, but also because I seem to be lusting after things that are only available online - like the many, many things I want from ASOS. It was quite a strange turn of events. But I still love window shopping & looking at all the styled up mannequins for ideas, so it's never a waste of time when I go shopping. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Star Style Obsessions - Lady Gaga.

Yes, for my third style obsession I have chosen the one woman guaranteed to top best and worst dressed lists - Lady Gaga herself. You might say, well why is she a style icon? Her clothes are impossible for us mere mortals to wear, and besides, underneath all of the clothes and makeup, nobody knows what she actually looks like. Well, for starters she has balls of steel when it comes to clothes. No heel is too high, no material too weird, and more is always more for Gaga. She is always individual, and while her entire outfits aren't really wearable, she has critics and fans alike watching her every fashion step and is never afraid to just be herself. There's something we should all try to do - dress however we want, whenever we want. Another reason I love her is that she never wears the same outfit twice, like I try to as well, and she is a total style chameleon.

Before I rave on & on about why Gaga is amazing, here are some of my favourite looks..

I absolutely love this Grammy's look. Totally out of this world, and almost too sweet to be Gaga, but then you see the monster heels and spike accessory.. Red carpets are just an excuse to go wild, and she never disappoints. I also love the uber-blonde hair with yellow in it!

A bit of an older look here, before Gaga went totally.. gaga.. Not that this isn't totally eccentric though! But this is my favourite simply because she is a human discoball, with directional shapes and a matching mask. So much sparkle and shine is always a hit with me - told you I was a magpie.

On stage again, in another silver, directional creation for her Monster Ball tour. It's not just the shine that attracted me, those major heels are incredible too, and this picture makes me want to attack my fishnets to achieve that rebel-cool look she's got going on on her legs.

This Alexander McQueen dress divided critics, well personally I LOVE it. It's the perfect dress for Gaga, she stands out as usual, but the colours and prints are gorgeous enough to be appreciated by us of the normal clothes. The headpiece is a typical twist of hers, and it helps make this outfit original.. that and the ice-blue-and-lilac hair - only the lady herself could pull this off.

I have a lot against leather, but Lady Gaga has a bit of a penchant for it. Probably because it is fierce, rebellious and edgy-cool just like her. She also has a knack for looking like she forgot her trousers.. but she looks so good I can't bring myself to criticise her for it. The studs and chains all add to the rebel look.

See through is not a problem for Gaga. And hey, she's got a pretty amazing figure, so why not? Of course I would never wear something like that (lacking the confidence to start with) but as I said, she is never afraid. Same goes for those OTT studs and embellishments, and the turquoise hair. For most normal people, it would all be too much, but I adore her more-is-more attitude.

And she will never do anything by halves. The top-to-toe houndstooth somehow looks amazing on her, even including the sunglasses that I'm not sure she can see through. I'm also wondering if I can get my little paws on those tights - too cute.

Another eccentric outfit while doing promotion in China. Those signature monster heels are back, and I love the leopard print accents to the red outfit. Also admiring her bravery for the monochrome hair!

Finally, a Gaga look that we could all pull off. Snakeskin is very du jour, and the simple heels, belt and shades combo to accessorize are almost normal - bar the spikes on the sunglasses! I'm thinking this outfit will soon be replicated by fashion-lovers, and little monsters. 

Of course, no Gaga style love-in is complete without some of her video costumes. As you might have guessed, I have a bit of a thing for Americana, so naturally I love this look from the Telephone video.

Even Gaga is working androgyny, albeit skeleton androgyny, during the Born This Way video. A tux is classic and cool, and contrasts well with the candyfloss hair.. and then you've gotta love her originality on the makeup.

Playing Mary Magdalen in the Judas video was always going to be an excuse to dress up, but Gaga's done it her own way, in a sheer outfit with blue cape and headgear. I love this, just because she isn't afraid to annoy people and push boundaries. Oh, and her eye makeup in the video is amazing.

Just when you think she's done everything, Gaga goes cyborg. Stylishly, of course. The all-black outfit is very cool, and I love the mesh, net style hat and the silver edged sunnies (necessary with that blazing blue sky) while the cyborg pieces are a total twist. This is from the You And I video, recently released, and another reason why Gaga is one of my style obsessions. Go check it out..

So there you have it. She's original, always changing her look, and always bringing new things to the fashion table. Add to that an immense amount of bravery, confidence and kookiness, and you can clearly see that Gaga is a complete icon. To her, fashion is art, and so every outfit is a perfectly planned masterpiece. I WISH that I had the confidence/wardrobe to dress like Lady Gaga, but for now I am content to watch from afar and let her inspire me. Love and kisses, Tara xox