Monday, 15 August 2011

Making my toes stand out.

I love painting my nails. For one, it makes your hands and feet look so much better, secondly, little details like nail colour can make an outfit and third, its one of my favourite relaxing things to do on days off. I can't do my fingernails very often (apparently it's some kind of hygiene hazard at work), but my toes are ALWAYS painted. And this time I thought why not have some fun with it...

Leopard print toes! And here's a close up...


It's a little messy, because I hadn't tried it before, but I think leopard spots look better when they're a bit uneven. I didn't do anything fancy either - just painted my nails blue using Barry M nail polish in 294, then put on pink dots of Barry M in 305, before using Wet N Wild nail polish in Black Creme to do the leopard outlines. Proper nail art pens aren't at all necessary for this.. I used a wooden kebab skewer! The thicker end did the dots well, and the thinner end worked like a pen for the black. 

I'm now very glad it's still summer, and I can get my leopard toes out - quite proud of myself. And now that I know how easy it can be, I'll be giving nail art a go more often. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Wow. They look really cool.
    I love painting my toe nails...but I could never do anything this fancy.

  2. Thank you :) but believe me, it's easier than it looks!