Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Star Style Obsessions - Dannii Minogue.

For my first style obsession, Dannii may seem an odd choice, since she’s over in Oz-land and no longer hitting our screens in the X Factor weekly frock-off.. BUT, not only does she consistently look ‘uhh-may-zing!’, she has a fashion line ‘Project D’ with Tabitha Somerset-Webb, she just released the cover of her book ‘My Style’ – basically how to dress a la Minogue – and also just stepped out in this at the Australia’s Got Talent final... 

Sizzling! This shot her back onto best-dressed pages, with the flesh tone & red lace hinting at the fetish trend, but the midi, pencil skirt length and overall shape harking back to classic screen siren style. Everything works, it is flawlessly accessorized, and suits Dannii perfectly.

 Here are a few more of my favourite Dannii looks, both styled to the nines and off-duty.

Totally gorgeous at the Glamour Awards in 2007. A favourite because.. fashion-ality over functionality! This was apparently incredibly heavy, but Dannii knew it was worth the weight to look this stunning.

Striking at the MTV awards, this is one of her dare-to-be-different looks. Still flawless, but the fingerless gloves, edgy dress and slicked back hair give off a fashion-forward air.

Absolutely radiant on X Factor here! The colour, the flower corsage shoulder detail, the glowing makeup.. Angelic. My favourite of all I think!
Grecian Goddess or what? Dannii's just stepped down from Olympus here, to share her heavenly fashion credentials! White has been a hot colour for several seasons, while the draped style flatters her figure and maxi hemlines are here perfect for showstopping glamour. 

Off duty now, but still in a gorgeous dress! This could so easily have been dressed up for night time, but the casual shoes, double wrapped belt, mussed up hair and trilby make it cool and casual for day time. I actually have this dress, it's a Project D number, and that is one of the reasons it is a favourite - Dannii designed it herself, and I own it!

Practicality and style in one look.. Perfect! Off duty again, with a gorgeous embellished top, covered with a staple leather jacket and accessorized with a Vuitton bag and aviator shades, totally ready for any weather, as well as looking glamorous.. the kind of daytime look I dream of.

And here is the stunning cover of 'My Style'..

Straight on my wishlist, I cannot wait until it comes out in autumn! Isn't she gorgeous here on that cover? Looking forward to getting my paws on her fashion tips too!

So there you have it. My girl crush = indulged. And Dannii is a total style chameleon, I mean the girl would look hot in a sack, but instead decides to show off how well she can wear pretty much any trend. And that is why she is my first star style obsession – her ability to adapt styles and always keep us on our toes with what she’s going to wear, and then always looking picture perfect (even when little Ethan was probably making mess everywhere!).
More style obsessions to come! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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