Sunday, 29 July 2012

Going Gaga.

I have finally found another 5 minutes to blast out a blog post while away, so here comes another pre-written one.. If you want to know how my holiday is going, well it is amazing. And I haven't even bought anything. We have moved on to the island of Sulawesi and are ready to go see lots of traditional buildings and ceremonies - expect lots of photos when I get home!

You may or may not have noticed my total love and adoration for Lady Gaga, and you might be aware that I am going to see her at the Born This Way Ball in September with my best friend.. Well, a big part of getting ready to "ball" with Mothermonster is going to be getting ready, so my outfit must be perfect. This is me rationalizing my latest purchase..

Heels -

That's right, GAGA SHOES. Well, not officially. But that is what I call these fierce, fabulous heels - if heels is the right word considering they are heel-less! Anyway, they are in the style of Gaga herself who has often worn these bemusing heel-less heels, especially so thanks to the studs all over. And honestly, they are a lot easier to walk in than they look! These are going to form the basis of my BTWB outfit, even if I do have to take them off at some point in the queueing process.

What do you think of them? These are possibly another opinion-dividing purchase - in true Marmite style they will either be loved or hated. I adore them, but do you think they are just too much?

Love and kisses, Tara xox

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Where them girls at.

I am currently in Jakarta, abusing some free wi-fi to post - so here comes one of my pre-written posts about some English shenanigans. I am creating some more so that when I can`t upload pictures I can still keep the blog ticking over and keep you all interested. I haven`t quite disappeared off the face of the earth! All I can say about my holiday so far is that the flight was hell! Oh and traffic in Jakarta is killer. 

I love all my best friends, especially my closest girls. Of course, my very best friend lives too far away which is sad, but some of my other besties were close enough to go out with me last Thursday! We hit our local town after some pre-drinks at mine while getting ready, dropped in by my lovely parents before drinking, dancing and generally having an amazing time. I love nights out, and these girls were perfect to go out with.

Small confession.. I got so carried away with the good times that I didn't take an proper outfit photos, but I have cropped in on myself in the group photo to give you an idea of my outfit.

Top - River Island; Skirt - H&M; Clutch & Shoes - New Look; Ring - Miss Selfridge.

For going out I always like to dress up - the more glitzy and glamorous, the better. Metallics and sequins like this gorgeous top and skirt combo always look good on a night out because they just scream party, and look good under the lights at a club! The peplum shape of this top was also super-flattering and really comfortable, which I love. Next time I will try and style it up for day..

Here is the group picture in full of all of us dressed up and ready to roll!

My girls are stunning.
And here come some more snaps of me and my girls - love them all!

Heather & Claire.
Me & Ashleigh - pre-drinks!
Alison, Sammie & Ashleigh flicking through Vogue.
Sammie, Georgia & I.
Only 18 but we walk the streets so mean.
Minus the straw this would be beautiful.
Georgia & I - love this one.
Love and kisses, Tara xox

Monday, 23 July 2012

We're all going on a summer holiday!

This is just a quick warning post to say that I will be going on holiday tomorrow so my blogging will be even less frequent than it has been lately! I have prepared some posts to go up whenever I find an internet cafe, and I will try and upload pictures to share with you all while I am away, but just bear with me. I am hardly going to be in a country where electricity and internet run free and wild.

I am going to be spending 3 weeks in Indonesia with my parents - I am super excited because I love Indonesia and Asia in general, and can't wait to see the culture, have some authentic food and of course finally get some true summertime!

Thankyou anyone and everyone who reads my posts/follows me, I do love you all, and I will be back blogging regularly in about 3 weeks time.. For now, I hope you have an amazing summer and I will check in with you all when I can!

hehehe, just a little gif because I love you

Love and kisses, Tara xox

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My week in instagram.

I have lost track of which number instagram post this is, but it is going to be the last one for a while since I go on holiday on tuesday and phones have been banned! Apparently charging them up is too much of a nuisance, and the roaming costs would be obscene. Anyway, here is my week in instagram snaps!

This went too fast to be photographed | I have a LOT of clothes, okay? | Flattering shot of my baby | On the way in to town to live it up (post coming soon) | Gorgeous flowers | The love of my life | Off out for a run | My little corner of the world is pretty beautiful honestly | Starting to pack for holiday

I am still in love with instagram and will probably get withdrawal symptoms on holiday.. shameful I know, but I am a complete technology addict!

Love and kisses, Tara xox

Friday, 20 July 2012

Someone call Shopaholic's Anonymous.

Last weekend I went shopping - a dangerous, foolish activity for me I know, but it was necessary. My summer holiday is coming up and I needed to supplement my hot weather wardrobe with mix-and-match-able pieces that will mean I can keep creating new outfits while I am away, while remaining appropriate for both tropical heat and more conservative cultures. For the shopping trip I eschewed sensibility and ignored the wind/threatening clouds to wear this..

Shirt - New Look; Shorts & Tights - Primark; Creepers - Amazon; Clutch - Cos (secondhand in Paris); Cuff - H&M; Earrings, Ring & Bracelets - Topshop.

I love a good pair of high waisted shorts because they are just so flattering, and this pastel stripe pair is really cute. I paired them wiith a sheer white shirt tucked in to emphasize the waistline, and buttoned all the way up in that girl-meets-boy way that looks very cute. I then threw my creepers into the mix because they are gorgeous and a little bit edgy, as is the new clutch. Lashings of jewellery and a bright lip completed the ensemble.


It's fair to say I got over-excited in Primark - what a haul. The cross tee and ballet pumps aren't even for my trip! 

New Look

The sales in New Look were bursting with gorgeous prints and colours - I just couldn't resist! And that parka is the perfect lightweight cover up, an alternative to my beloved blazers.

River Island

I have had my eye on these pieces for a while, but never quite had the cash to buy them. When they appeared in the sale however, I snapped them right up. I adore the paisley print on the dress and the mermaid-esque shell pattern on the skirt.


 This neon dress is completely stunning, bright and beautiful, and will look gorgeous with a holiday tan.

Hair Bow - River Island; Black Rose Headband - Topshop; Ring & Gold Headband - Primark.

On holiday my hair will have to be up most of the time, so I invested in some cute accessories to keep it fresh!

Love and kisses, Tara xox

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Blood is thicker than water.

I have to admit that living down here with my parents in the middle of nowhere I don't see the rest of my family that often. Last weekend however my grandparents (Mum's side) came down to visit and we had a meal out for their anniversary/grandma's birthday, which my cousins came to as well. Unfortunately while my grandparents were down I was working a fair bit so I haven't got much to say about the rest of the visit, other than we watched insane amounts of tennis..

On the Sunday however we all went out to a hotel/restaurant nearby us, fighting through those awful floods to get there. We (I) got all dressed up and had a lovely meal out, spending hours just talking. I did, however, get a few minutes to take some not-at-all-awkward outfit photos outside when the sun came out!

Shirt & Skirt - H&M; Shoes & Clutch - New Look; Earrings - Forever 21; Rings - Miss Selfridge & H&M.

This look was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, or rather one of the outfits Michelle Williams wears while playing her in My Week With Marilyn. That look consisted of a shirt and pencil skirt too, but in neutral colours - I copied the silhouette but added my own modern twist with bright colour, print and some super-cute wedge heels. I love getting dressed up, but obviously going out for lunch isn't quite as formal as dinner, which is why I kept this look casual without too much ornate jewellery, and the collar unbuttoned.

It was lovely to catch up, and a nice change to sitting at home on a Sunday!

Love and kisses, Tara xox

Monday, 16 July 2012

The night is almost ours.

Okay, I am feeling pretty bad about this now, but a week or two ago I went out with some of my girls from work and had a pretty good night. Despite living in the middle of nowhere, there are still places to go out and have a good time! I also got the chance to wear one of my new dresses, this Topshop beauty..

Dress - Topshop; Shoes - New Look.

This Topshop dress was a complete impulse buy at the time, but I am so glad I got it. The little cut out bares my high-driff in a way that is totally du jour, and the bright colours and prints mean that even in the dark I am noticed. It could easily have worked for daytime if I dressed it down (which will probably be my next move with this beauty), but with some high heels and smokey eyes I was good to go for a night out. These shoes were also a brilliant choice because not only are they bright red and super high, but they are ridiculously comfortable - I wore them all night.

I seem to have so much to catch up on at the moment, I am very behind with my blogging. I blame it on exams. But now I am going to do my best to get up to date!

Love and kisses, Tara xox

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My week in instagram - doubled up.

Since my grandparents were down last weekend, I didn't get the chance to post my week in instagram, so I am combining both last week and this week for a double fix of my instagram snaps!

Last monday's shoe of the day | Posing with my baby last Thursday | Details of an outfit I wore last Saturday (to be posted) | Getting in some vanity | Becoming a "coffee connoisseur" as my grandma said | Again with my baby boy | Appreciation for my idol, Kylie | One of the many magazines I read monthly | Anna Saccone, one of my fave vloggers and youtube guru | Audrey Hepburn, icon | My beloved chain ring being worn yesterday | More details of yesterday's look

My instagram isn't just full of outfits and vanity, although it looks that way at the beginning of this set of photos! It's a good way to keep up with my life, and maybe get inspired.. Follow me @babydolltara
Love and kisses, Tara xox

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Paris haul!

I didn't go too insane in Paris, meaning I didn't buy too much... but here is the round-up of all my purchases that will forever remind me of a beautiful trip. Sorry it is so so late - I really have to catch up!

Essie nail polish in Sugar Daddy & Rouge Baiser nail polish in Pastel Jaune.

I am a complete sucker for nail polishes, and these sugar sweet shades were too cute to resist.

Hand painted Vogue cover art.

I bought this by the Seine near the Notre Dame. It was perfect for me - classy, elegant, Parisian, and of course featuring Vogue!

Assorted postcards.

I picked these up all over the city on impulse, and I plan to stick them all around my room to remind me of the trip. My favourites are the show posters and the Moulin Rouge.

Perfume spritzers - Belle du Jour.

I adore anything retro glamour and was captivated by the vintage ones in the window of this Montmartre boutique. Unfortunately my budget didn't stretch that far but these reproductions still look gorgeous.

Metallic dress - Isabel Marant (second-hand).

The likelihood of me ever affording anything by Isabel Marant was absolutely minute, until I stumbled upon this in a second-hand/vintage store in the backstreets of Saint Germain. It's gorgeous, sparkling and glamorous and I love it.

Clutch bag - Cos (second-hand).

I also unearthed this in the second hand shop, and fell for the unique print and on-trend fold-over style.

Vintage bracelet.

That second hand shop really was full of treasures, and this delicately beautiful silver bracelet is possibly my favourite.

 Bralet - Brandy Melville, Home Made.

The back of this cute bralet is my favourite part, love the detail.

And that is the end of my Paris haul - see? Restrained. Although if we're honest most of my money did go on pastries and BNs... I am so so pleased with all of my purchases though, and they will be permanent reminders of a beautiful trip.

Love and kisses, Tara xox