Monday, 9 July 2012

Paris Day Four!

Okay sorry about the massive gap in my Paris posting, my grandparents were down so I couldn't blog! 

The last day of a trip is always a bit sad - packing up your things, saying goodbye to your holiday and going home to reality.. It is especially weird on a trip that is this short, it felt like we had barely arrived and then we were leaving again! On the final day after packing and checking out we left our bags in the hotel and went straight to the Eiffel Tower on the metro. I can't believe we left it to the last day to see the most famous thing in Paris. And it was so impressive, even bigger than I imagined and of course beautifully situated. It was also packed with tourists.. After that we got lunch (pasta - finally something veggie!) and then took a walk along the Seine, before ending the day with gorgeous crepes. Feeling quite full we wandered along back to the hotel and went to the airport, squeezing in a cheeky glass of vin blanc before the flight home. It was slightly disappointing to be back in England...

Here was my outfit of day four..

Top, Bag, Shoes & Bracelets - Topshop; Skirt & Earrings - River Island.

This outfit felt a little more casual, and less put-together than the others of the trip. I am not sure why.. But I still like it because again it sticks to light, clean, girlie colours for a summery feel, and you may have noticed my preference for pink. I also love the lace detail on my new top, which takes the otherwise simple outfit away from block colours and adds interest. I opted for my hair up, which is unusual, but I just went for a simple bun and left it - messy is better in my opinion.

And the final snaps of my little trip..

Tour Eiffel!
I have too many photos of this tower.
Trying to be artistic.
Claire & Alison being tourists.
Me being awkward with Alison.
Claire at lunch.
Chilling in the park.
Claire & I.
Another of my many Parisian exspressos.
Nutella crepes. Nom.
Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Love these pictures!! :)

    And what a lovely ending with PANCAKES !!! :P

    Great post :)

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  3. You look absolutely lovely! I really like your outfit, it looks great to visit a city like Paris! I hope you're enjoying it! You just made me remember of how much I love nutella crepes and for how long I haven't eaten them! I'm definitely going to make some crepes today (I feel like I eat crepes all the time ahha) and put some nutella on them :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  4. I think you covered a lot of Paris in just 4 short days! The Eiffel Tower is so beautiful, I remember taking a similar photo from underneath when I visited Paris! The very last thing I ate before boarding the plane was Pan Au Chocolat :) So delicious!

  5. Gorgeous outfit, I love Paris haven't been in years. I'm desperate to go back!

  6. Aw Paris is one of my fave places! Those Nutella crepes are amazing aren't they? haha xx


  7. The coffee looks amazing <3 i wish I could visit Paris one day <3


  8. I'm lovin' your top and that skirt is an excellent color!

  9. I got engagaed in Paris last year, i love paris!! :)

    lovely photos :)

  10. so jealous you got to see it!! one day i will too :D you look darling i love the color of the skirt, i know it stinks coming home from vacation :(


  11. lovely photos, I love Paris :)

  12. Looks as though you had a brilliant time! I love River Island skirts at the moment, they just seem to fit perfectly! Great post as always.

  13. I like visiting inspiring blogs like this.

  14. This is a great look!



  15. i love the lace detail in your top! and cool eiffel tower pictures, it looks like fun..makes me want to go to paris again!