Monday, 31 October 2011

Layers, layers, layers.

October's almost been and gone now, and what with the clocks going back it is getting dark depressingly fast now, all signs that serious winter is kicking in and the winter wardrobe needs breaking out. Which is why today, on the first day back at college after half term, I went for a good bit of layering. So much so that people thought my top was all one.. oh no, three separate items went into my top half..

Jumper & Ankle Boots - H&M; Peter Pan Collar Top (underneath) - Topshop; Skirt - River Island; Tights - Primark; Faux Fur Cuffs - ASOS; Earrings - present from friend; Ring - Accessorize.
And thanks to my canny layering I was nearly warm today! My wrists were at least.. meaning I am officially in love with these faux fur cuffs. These are edging into pole position as my favourite winter accessory, simply because they are so easy to add on to anything with sleeves, fur is an awesome AW update and lets me play with textures (like today's wool & fur combo) and they also just look uber cute. I am definitely jumping on the layering bandwagon if these little babies are involved!

Just had to go for a little close up on the cuffs because I adore them so much! Also wanted to show off my cute metallic nail polish - another disappointingly slow work week means I decided to add a little something to my looks with this sweet pinkish-bronze colour (it's from Avon). I just really loved the contrast in fabrics and colours I had going today, so I zoomed in for the detail here.

I'm also just going to say a quick Happy Halloween! Although as you know I've already had two fancy dress parties and literally nothing is going down on a Monday evening, I haven't been dissuaded from getting into the Halloween spirit..

Meet Jack, my little pumpkin buddy that I carved with the help of my mum and styled on Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh how I love keeping childhood traditions alive.. Anyway, Happy Halloween all! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dress-up time again!

You know I love a bit of fancy dress. And where better to go all out than an 18th party? I got myself yet another new costume to celebrate my friend becoming an adult last night, which was all she could talk about for the past week so I hope she is enjoying it now! It was a pretty cool party too, everyone had amazing costumes ranging from Little Red Riding Hood (my friend, the birthday girl) to the Pink Panther and everyone had made an effort, which I loved. I put a fair bit of effort into my own costume, I'm not going to lie, and I loved wearing it..

This time I did feel a little more Halloween-y, though that's not why I chose to be a devil - I had just seen cute devil costumes on ebay! This was costume number two, after the first one we ordered was miles  too big (it literally fell down as soon as I put it on) and consists of a corset & tutu bought from ebay, a horns-tail-trident set bought from the party shop in Taunton and black opaques & heels from Primark. I absolutely love this costume, and am going to break one of my rules for it.. I plan to wear it again! Shock, horror, disaster. But seriously, I think this is a pretty failsafe costume and I like the cute accessories, so at a future fancy dress party my inner devil will be coming out again. There is also the option of removing the accessories and just being a Moulin Rouge dancer or something - oh the versatility! So come on, someone have another costume party! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is it too soon to be writing a Christmas list?

I know, I know, I'm getting to be a big girl now (all of 17 and 6 months!) and there will come the day when people don't buy me presents for Christmas, it will just be money and a card like my parents get. But since I'm not quite an adult yet I am going to write a list, and pray for presents on the actual day. Also, people (aka relatives) have been asking what I want..

It does feel a little soon to me, but then I can't believe it's nearly November! Where did 2011 go? All of a sudden it's dark when I wake up for work, getting almost cold enough to break out the coat and the shops look like Christmas vomited on them. And pretty soon everyone will be singing Christmas carols.. oh god. I have to admit there are parts of Xmas I love, and parts I hate - the downright commercialism, unnecessary decorations that lead to insane lights on houses and tinselitus and the way it is practically forced down your throat really gets to me. Aren't I a right little Scrooge? Well.. not really. I love the idea of spending time with your family and giving your loved ones gifts to show your appreciation, I just don't see the need to spend a fortune on tacky decorations. I put my money into the actual presents, and possibly into the food - cake decorations, edible of course!

So this year as we are apparently running up to Xmas I am trying not to ask for too much, because I'm afraid I won't be able to give much. So far I have seen a few books I want..

I saw this in River Island and saw a chance to doodle my dreams..
Urban Outfitters stocks this uh-may-zing book.
I just love decorating cakes.
More fashionable exploits to read about..
I'm not going to lie, these books don't come cheap. But I'm not planning on making a huge list.. Just a few bits and pieces. I really want to read all of these though, especially the fashion ones. Much love to Urban Outfitters for having such an incredible book section! And the River Island book would just be a brilliant way to indulge my creative side in another medium than blogging.. not that I wouldn't share my best musings with you all of course. This is only the beginning of a burgeoning collection of style books, I can tell. I love being inspired by looks, ideas and people I see, and these would give me some classic icons at my fingertips. I also just love the feel of a good book, and since fashion is arguably my favourite subject I feel that I practically need a style library.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Friday, 28 October 2011

I'm such a Mummy's girl at heart.

I'm not saying that in any sarcastic kind of way, I mean it. I love my mum. I mean, just thinking of everything she does for me induces guilt factor 1 billion.. and the thing is, she probably doesn't even realise how grateful I am. Or how lovely I think she is. As well as being a mother, mine acts as a kind of best friend/surrogate sister - maybe since I'm an only child she had to fill all three roles, whatever, the point is that we spend most of our lives together, have an insane amount of in jokes and get on like a house on fire. And we live by a similar philosophy.. chocolate is the answer, the question is irrelevant! Not the deepest of thoughts I'll admit, but it works. Oh and the chocolate of choice = galaxy.

There is a point to all this by the way, other than letting my mum know she's amazing.. It is really the intro and excuse for the update on what I'm wearing today, and why I went out to town and didn't buy anything. Apart from fancy dress accessories. But they don't count. Anyway, today since we were both free on half term (my mum's a teacher) we decided to go out and spend some time together, instead of both hanging around the house like bad smells.. The two of us needed some stuff in town, so we decided to go out to Taunton and go for lunch too while we were at it, and this is what I wore.

Top - Pull & Bear; Skirt - River Island; Blazer & Shoes - Topshop; Tights - Primark; Bag - Tous; Earrings - Topshop; Ring - Parfois.
I'm still dressing quite optomistically considering there was thick mizzle (thicker than mist, lighter than drizzle) abounding this morning - a sure sign that winter is drawing in for good. Since today is Wear It Pink day for breast cancer I didn't need any better reason to wear my gorgeous swirl skirt, it's gorgeous and showing my support for a good cause. I couldn't resist an on-trend twist with some metallic sparkle in my gold top and new Topshop ballet flats, like I said, I'm a magpie and love to be a little bit glittered up, even in every day life.
I think for a chilly day out in town this is a pretty perfect outfit - low mainenance enough to just wear, but playful and sparkly enough to be interesting too.

The day itself was also pretty perfect, despite not spending much money (I'm a little broke okay, I'm holding out till payday!) because wandering around and window shopping is always fun. We also found an amazing ethnic food store which is brilliant because we cook oriental-style a fair bit.. my favourite food is Thai & since we holiday mostly in Asia we have dedicated Asian tastebuds. Lunch was amazing too since we went back to our fave Thai restaurant in Taunton (are we becoming too regular?) and had a two course lunch for £6.95 each - score. I also collected food inspiration for next time I cook! The long and short of the day was that we didn't get home until gone half three, thanks to hitting the supermarket too, so it really was a lovely day out.

Something else I want to share with you all, now I've given you my life story, is a close up on my beauty look for the day. In the above photo it looks very simple, like usual, but look closer..

Ignoring the scruffy hair, you'll notice I've gone for a slightly timid take on graphic eyeliner with the usual upper lid flick mirrored by an underline with a flick too. I saw this on catwalk models, then again in several magazines and decided to give it a go.. I'm pretty pleased with the effect, it is a lot more striking and unusual than just one flick, giving me a slightly more quirky beauty look than usual. It also means that I can go pretty bare on other makeup - I loaded my lashes with mascara for maximum impact, then just kept my skin simple and glowy and wore a little lip gloss for balance. Also, I don't know if you'll notice but I just re-dyed my hair dark brown (it was a little faded) and am pretty impressed with the way it sharpens up all my outfits and suits my face/skin tone. Clairol foam hair colour, you have satisfied me. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm well aware it's not actually Halloween til Monday, I'm not that useless with dates honest! It just so happens that yesterday (Wednesday 26th October) was the night I went to this year's Halloween party, getting my annual fix of fancy dress and spooky decorations, while seeing yet more old friends I haven't seen in a while - and those who put up with me all the time too of course. Now, call me sad, but fancy dress parties are my favourite kind. This is because the further you go with your costume the cooler you look, and it is also a chance for everyone to stop taking themselves seriously and just dress up for funzies! Or at least that's what I try and do. Last year I was a gothic china doll, so I decided not to go totally Halloween-ish this year and just picked a costume that was pretty cool, cute and able to be worn again.

The idea of a Grecian goddess was planted in my little head a while back when in a party shop, then after trawling ebay and struggling to choose I remembered how much I fancied it.. The dress with attached gold cape (I know, too cool for words) came with the belt and was a little bit of an ebay bargain - I then accessorized with a laurel headband that I bought in a party shop, plus my H&M gladiator sandals, some Primark jewellery and gold glitter eyeshadow. Et voila, the goddess has descended from Olympus. To party. Everybody's costumes were pretty amazing, but I've got to say, my favourite came from a fellow blogger & one of my newer college friends..

This is us together, because we are beautiful. She came as a dead angel with no wings, casually wonky halo, ooodles of fake blood and the most awesome eyelashes known to mankind! And because I have so much love for her, here's some casual publicity for the lovely akikik.. go check out, she is a seriously cool girl. After the party last night and a nice long work shift with an early start (gahhh) I am le tired and have much college work to do - even though it's half term my free time has been seriously limited. And there are better things to do, like ramble on about fashion! Anway, I'll toddle off now before I ramble so much I forget what I'm on about. Time for a hot chocolate by the fire while I make some revision cards methinks.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Star Style Obsession - Emma Watson

Emma Watson has grown up in the public eye due to her role as Hermione in Harry Potter - and her style has grown up with her. In the early years of public appearances, her looks weren't exactly what you'd call uber-stylish.. like most young teens she hadn't quite found her style. But now she has developed an amazing fashion sense with a bit of an edge, and Emma has been taking more risks since the pixie crop. She seems to be able to wear anything well, and has a faultless sense of how to accessorize her look and co-ordinate her makeup, even finding different ways to style her crop. I love her style because she is not afraid to go all out and be sartorially blasted for daring to be different. That and the fact that I genuinely can't fault what she wears pretty much all the time. Admittedly I haven't seen every outfit she's ever worn, especially on off-duty days, but all the ones I've seen, while maybe not being something I'd go for suit her down to the ground. Here are just some of my favourites - and sorry they are mostly red carpet, that just seems to be her natural style habitat..

First up a super-sweet, super-glam pre-crop look. This is one of my favourite of Emma's looks - I'm such a magpie that the burst of gold shining and shimmering drew me in immediately.. then I gave her full marks not only for being able to pull of yellow (jealous) but also for accessorizing so flawlessly. Gorgeous.

Another look from during the HP years when longer hair was a requirement. I personally loved her longer hair because it was so versatile.. Here however my eyes are fixed on that lace/leather dress with amazing floral detailing. It's just walking the cute/sexy line and really makes her stand out from the crowd.

This look at the HP premiere shows off her relatively recent crop to perfection. I am also a sucker for lace and feathers, so I adore this look. The materials could so easily have been a girlie dream, but keeping it all black with matchy-matchy shoes, that dramatic hair and only a black bra underneath the lace top made it more sexy than sweet (although that big smile is very cute) and marks the arrival of a very grown-up Emma.

The girl doesn't only do dramatic though, this on-trend midi dress is feminine, sparkly and so gorgeous it hurts a little bit. The matching shoes and silver earrings make the look tonal and very chic as well, but basically Emma now looks like an angel.

Another girlie colour palette here with this dusky lilac mini dress and classic nude heels that make her legs look about 6 miles long. It also feels like the side cut outs shouldn't look this good - she is inspiring severe envy from yours truly for being able to make them work! I do love that she is proving that while she does love a dramatic, embellished look, a simple outfit can still make a serious impact.

Back to the black lace now, although this look is still a bit more feminine with the ruffle hem and sleeves. It just really suits Emma, as does the stunning hair colour she is sporting here - love, love, LOVE. 

At a premiere you really can't beat a floor length dress, and Emma is practically the poster girl for them here. I have fallen in love with the fairytale glamour she just epitomises here in the gorgeously embellished top and sweetly dramatic net skirt - possibly my favourite look of all. That cute smile and sweet side swept hair are also beautiful and simple enough to let the dress do all the talking.

Before was the London premiere of HP7Part2, this is New York and by her own admission Emma wanted to be more fashion-forward and dramatic here. Once again a floor-length gown was in order, but she has definitely ramped up the glamour and gone for a more high fashion finish. I love the more simple cut of the dress, as well as the rich gold of the skirt, and when paired with slicked back hair and some seriously mega smokey eyes this look is just perfection.

Working the edgier side of her look in McQueen, this tartan and leather look still looks bang on-trend today, despite not being too recent. Even though I disagree with wearing leather, I have to admit it looks good on Emma.. I'll just convince myself it's not real, and content myself with not wearing anything dead myself.

This is another occasion for convincing myself the leather isn't real because I love Emma's edgy take on the classic trench - and mixing textures is extremely hot right now! Her look here feels quite pared down, but that is to let the coat be the statement and I think she has played it just right.

Yet another incredible trench with amazing sleeves. Not one to do things by halves, Emma has made a simple off duty outfit super luxe and dramatic with her embellished coat. Looking past the amazing outerwear (difficult to do I'll admit) I actually love her cute, collared dress and classic peep-toes.. I wish I had her wardrobe, just minus the leather!

Finally an off-duty look creeps into my faves.. this isn't dramatic, complicated or glamorous, which the rest of my picks have been, and that is why I love it. Here Emma shows that she looks equally good dressing for comfort, as well as proving that a good handbag can rev up your style staples.

Ahh, how I love Emma. Her red carpet style never fails to impress, and she always seems comfortable in what she wears. I have to admit I wasn't sold on her pixie crop when she first cut it (I actually remember saying I preferred the long hair by miles), but I can totally understand why she did it and really appreciate the impact it had on her style - it let her present herself as more of an adult, as well as suiting her edgier looks and encouraging her to take risks, so I actually quite like it now! On her. Specifically clothes-wise I love the variety of her looks, from pared-down to embellished and dramatic, and the way she literally always looks amazing, show-stopping and perfectly put together on the red carpet. If and when I get to go to a red carpet style event I would like to think I could look as good as Emma! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Girlie road trip alert!

Since my friend's have started passing their driving tests I have been itching for a good girlie road trip, and half term presented the perfect opportunity.. Cue me and one of my best friends driving up to Bristol for the a day full of shopping, shopping and more shopping. The chosen location - Cabot's Circus. This place is literally shopping heaven for me - giant versions of all my favourite shops, plus loads that aren't in my nearest town centres, like Urban Outfitters (I lost so much time in there), H&M and even a Harvey Nichols. The day was just perfectly completed by Krispy Kremes for lunch! Here's what I wore for said perfect day..

Shirt - H&M; Skirt - Internacionale; Shoes - New Look; Tights - Primark; Bag - Tous; Bracelet - Pandora; Ring - Rock N Rose; Ribbon (as tie) - from around a gift.
There is an edge of school uniform here I must admit, but it is seriously the cutest uniform I've ever seen! The white shirt did feel a bit too school/work like when I put it on, but by teaming it with a loud leopard skirt and accessorizing quirkily, I think I have pulled it off. And yes, I have used a ribbon in place of a tie. I can't take full responsibility for this, I saw it in a magazine.. but it's a brilliant and unusual way to add some interest to a white shirt and look uber-cute into the bargain. I think it's going to be one of my winter tricks - next stop, the haberdashery!

Obviously, there was no way I was going to go to Bristol without buying anything, but after seriously struggling to fit everything in my drawers yesterday, some restraint was in order. So while I ooh-ed, ahh-ed and lusted after so many things today, I showed incredible self control. And no, limited funds had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

This absolutely stunning sequinned skirt is a complete steal from H&M - I came up the escalator, saw it, and instantly fell in love. I tried to convince myself I didn't need it, but every little part of me screamed 'buy it, buy it now!', and so I did. I then thought of about ten different ways to wear it in about two minutes flat, so I am definitely getting my money's worth out of it!

This nude and black cami had such an air of Topshop effortless cool about it that I almost couldn't believe it was another total bargain from H&M - damn, I love that store! I saw it and imagined how well it would go with the sequinned skirt and immediately hunted down my size. It is unquestionably the kind of basic top that will look cool with pretty much anything, and is therefore worth every penny.

Now these are Topshop. I've been eyeing them for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet and get them. I love the cutesy feel of them, from the amazing gold glittery-ness to the velvet toes and sweet little bows - they are perfect for jazzing up any outfit and would take me from day-wear to party-wear easily. They were also pretty reasonably priced (for Topshop) and very comfortable, which is weird considering my freakishly wide feet..

Anyway, must dash off and do something productive, like French homework, since I've done nothing useful all day (well, nothing conventionally useful.. I'd say shopping is a practical pastime..). Lastly, just a big thankyou and a lot of love and admiration for my friend for driving us there, on the big scary motorway and everything! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Monday, 24 October 2011

Fashion Confession.

It's a quiet, relaxing little Monday on this beautiful half term week. Finally, some time to myself.. And I can think of something quite appropriate to confess to you all today.

If nobody is going to see me, I won't make the effort.

Now doesn't that sound paradoxical after all my explanations that I dress for myself, to express how I'm feeling and that I don't care if people don't like my style as long as I do. Surely by my own criteria I should be hanging around my house in my usual dressed up style, wearing dresses, full makeup and my ever-present jewellery! But no, if nobody is going to see me looking fabulous, then I simply won't bother. This especially applies if I'm not stepping foot out of the door of my house, like this afternoon. Right now (and it pains me to admit this) I'm wearing a hoodie. Admittedly awesome, by David & Goliath, but still.. I would never wear a hoodie to college, because it would look like I'd made no effort. At home however, I have made no effort. The only people who are going to see me are my parents, and they see you at your most unattractive anyway (like when you're ill, bleurgh), so it's all about comfort.

All about comfort sounds misleading too.. that makes it sound like I dress for function all the time. Which everyone knows isn't true. For absolutely anything else I will get dressed up to my usual standard - even if I am going to a friend's house, just me & her sitting around eating junk food and watching rubbish on TV, I would get dressed up properly. I think it is because I don't want to lower people's opinions of my style by not always dressing the best I can. Either way it means I am full of contradictions.. or just a fashion hypocrite. One way or the other, inside my own home I reserve the right to dag around in ugly, comfortable clothes, or my PJs - as long as nobody sees me. As soon as you add another person into the equation, image becomes everything. Shallow, maybe. Contradictory, probably. But it makes sense in my head. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Sunday, 23 October 2011

We've got them moves like Jagger.

So yesterday was a pretty mega start to the half term break - one of my besties had a party at her house involving about 20 friends, loud music (the best track earned its place as title of this post) and much pear cider in many flavours.. personal fave = Brother's toffee apple. As well as being an epic night in general, it was great to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in aaaages, and the chance to let my hair down was very welcome. Granted, waking up and going to work the next day was less appealing, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. This little blogger says a huge thankyou to the amazing hostess, and all the other cool kids who made it such a beautiful party. Now of course you're not here just to read about my shenanigans - here's what I wore to said party last night!

Blouse & Shoes - New Look; Skirt & Earrings - Miss Selfridge; Tights - Primark; Ring - Parfois.
I didn't want to overdress or underdress, but house parties are really hard to judge.. So I pulled my usual trick and wore whatever I felt like. This time it just happened to be my beautiful embellished bird blouse, with a black mini, suspender tights and surprisingly little jewellery! For me this was quite a simple outfit to put together, it's really just a few black on black separates.. but the details make it a bit more interesting and party-worthy. I always find party outfits quite difficult, because dress codes are so ambiguous - which is why I am insanely glad that the next two I'm going to are fancy dress! But there'll be no clues as to what I'm wearing though, it's a little surprise.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Star Style Obsession - Susie Bubble

My slightly obsessive-compulsive brain is currently fighting itself right now - I completely forgot to post a style obsession on Wednesday and now cannot work out whether it is better to just skip a week and post on the 'correct' day, or to have a style obsession this week.. Due to a sheer desire to write, a bit of time on my hands, and a lot of love for Susie Bubble, I've decided to post anyway, regardless of the day! 

Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble, is one of the most well-known fashion bloggers around and her blog ( recieves thousands of hits every day. Her posts are little slices of fashion heaven, whether they report back on the latest catwalk shows, show off her new buys & amazing style or just give little insights into her stylish mind. I follow Susie on twitter and have bookmarked Style Bubble, purely so I can read these amazing posts as soon as I possibly can! And then when I am on the blog I often lose myself in the archives of her old posts.. But anyway, not only does she share fashion magic and updates on style, but her wardrobe and effortlessly cool outfits are inspirational. Not to sound OTT, but she inspires me personally, especially when she says she can change outfits several times a day - that's my kind of hero.

Whatever she wears, Susie always looks incredibly fashionable, but doesn't look like she has specifically dressed to portray a trend.. she looks like she is wearing what she wants, and it just happens to be on trend. My friends who know of her say her style is a little too crazy, or out there for them to wear, and I do agree that it must take some bravery to step out in some of her ensembles. I'm not sure I could, but it is brilliant to see a 'real' person (basically not a celebrity) who can pull off those more mad trends. Here are a few of my favourite Susie Bubble looks, and why I think her style is so awesome.

This neon-bright look is super cute. On paper all the separate pieces might have seemed overpowering, but put together on Susie they look harmonious, all adding up to a stylish summertime outfit. I wish I had her instincts for matching items and creating looks!

Again, the clashing prints of these separates would have made me run a mile, or at least not put them on together, but somehow she pulls them off! The quirky accessories are also super cool, especially that functional-yet-sport-luxe-fashionable visor.

One way Susie definitely inspires me is her incredible ability to layer pieces, playing around with lengths & collars for example. I have always been a bit scared that layering will bulk me up and lose any figure I may have, but that's not the case for her. After seeing her inspirational layered looks a few times I have tried out a few collars, but this look makes me want to layer everything I own. I love the harmonious colour palette and soft floral details, as well as the eye-popping shades.

I honestly don't know where to look with this oufit! So many prints and colours.. they just shouldn't work together, but they do. Maybe she has superpowers.. Or maybe it's the simple, unfussy bun and slick of red lippie that pull it all together. I really do love this outfit though because the individual pieces are so simple (shape-wise at least), then put together those prints really make her stand out. I also like the way my eyes are constantly drawn to new details.

Another look where you constantly see more details, I really like the way she has used jeans and a shirt as a blank canvas for her jacket and accessories. I am also a big fan of her hair - straight & dark with a fringe.. a little like mine, no?

Matching up quirky pieces here for a style that is 100% unique, Susie has made it work with the tonal colour palette. I really love the way she looks like she wears exactly what she wants on any given day, and she wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear her.

Another super-bright outfit here, especially those eye-watering shoes! I bet Susie turned a fair few heads as she walked around. I love that she shows a simplistic shape can look incredibly dramatic and quirky with a good pattern.

I really like the soft, tonal colours and loose, flowy shapes that juxtapose with the sharp high heels here. Another favourite thing about Susie's style is that there is usually something unexpected in an outfit - she is never bland, boring or predictable.

Red and black are a killer combination, and I like the way she incorporates her dark hair into the look too. This look feels quite edgy and effortlessly cool - loving the way she isn't the same every day.

This outfit is just all over sweet. Sticking to one colour in different shades always looks very cool, and I love the textures of the dress and jacket. She has even picked the perfect complimentary background in that orange brick wall!

This final outfit is one that pretty much only Susie could make work. That skirt could so easily just swamp her frame (it definitely would swamp mine), but it works because she plays up to the shape, and keeps her jacket cropped to emphasize her waist. The socks and shoes probably should make her legs just look really short, but they don't - they just look quirky and cute.

Basically, Susie Bubble has a totally unique style and an ability to create outfits that not only scream creativity and stylish-ness, but really make her stand out from the crowd. She is one of my style obsessions for her fashion bravery, but also because she isn't a celebrity like my other style obsessions, she is a real girl, a fashion blogger, who proves that you can wear inventive high fashion looks in every day life. I find her really inspiring, and will continue to try to inject some of her cool-ness into my look.. I'll play around more with layering, and try not to be afraid of a completely clashing look. For now though, I will continue stalking Style Bubble and reading her musings on fashion. Love and kisses, Tara xox

Friday, 21 October 2011

Last day of half term - score!

Somehow, all us college kids (and school kids too I guess) have ploughed through half a term already! Personally, I'm ridiculously glad to be getting a week off - not only can I stop getting up at sunrise, but I might finally have a chance to get organised. While I love the buzz of college, hanging out with friends and even learning some pretty interesting stuff from time to time, I have to say my free time is pretty limited, so my organisation is suffering. Even my wardrobe is mutating into a floor-drobe because I simply haven't got the time to sort it out! So this half term holiday is pretty much what the doctor ordered.. These first few A2 weeks have been pretty good though, and of course I have been enjoying employing the theory that all the world's a catwalk and wearing something new and gorgeous every day. Which made me very aware that this is my last fashion impression for this half term..

Dress - Topshop; Cardigan, Tights & Shoes - New Look; Belt - Primark; Necklace - Claires; Earrings - TU at Sainsburys; Ring - Dorothy Perkins.
I was all cosied up for once today, and I've got to admit that being warm and snuggly was a lovely, if unfamiliar feeling. As you can see I haven't given up on my summer dresses, especially not this sweet white one, because they can look just as good if you layer them up with a chunky knit and some tights, which is what I went for here. I did decide to cinch in my waist with a skinny belt though, so I still retained some vestige of a shape and didn't totally lose it in my chunky cardigan! I'm also trying to work the Navajo trend with the print of the cardigan, and the gorgeous necklace - it's one that all the celebs are tapping into, so of course I've got to give it a bash..

I also arrived home to a nice surprise from my lovely mum, who had bought me some bits & pieces that were 'meant to be for christmas', but apparently she wasn't sure if I would like them and decided to show them to me now anyway. I think the idea was that I would go 'oh thanks, they're lovely, but not for me, maybe presents for my friends'.. Didn't happen. I loved them all! Perfect way to start half term me thinks..

All wrapped up..

Free from their packaging!

I literally love this label.

Cute necklaces - mirror & key.

Love these rings - sparrow, and T for Tara of course!
All of it is from Rock N Rose ( and each piece is just uber cute! I adore quirky, sweet jewellery because it makes a look so much more personal and unique - even if somebody else has the same dress as you, the accessories you wear personalise it. And even if you buy all of your jewellery on the high street, along with thousands of other people, it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever wear the exact same jewellery combo as you on a given day. Basically, jewellery is just another way to express your personality, as well as rev up a simple look. Like I always say, it's all in the detail! Love and kisses, Tara xox

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch now.

There are literally no words to describe how excited I am right now. This is something I heard about way back, and it's been in the back of my mind, but today is officially the day this broke into my fashion consciousness! If you follow fashion news, you will probably know about this already, but I've just gotta share my love..


Killer combination, right? Versace, a huge fashion house with some iconic styles and looks, teaming up with cheap-yet-chic high street cool kid shop H&M - this is possibly the biggest fashion drop of the year. H&M are famous for their high fashion collaborations, and I think this is the biggest & best one so far. It was announced a fair few months ago, so you're probably wondering why it took so long for me to get so crazy-enthusiastic, but the trigger came today in the form of (deep breath) promo pictures!

Now you see why I'm excited! Every item and outfit is distinctly Versace - ranging from loud-and-proud prints to simply gorgeous styles, and every piece is incredible. I wish I could have it all! Of course, these are the promotional pictures, so they are designed to make you want them, but even so they are literally stunning. Finally there is a way for all of us budget fashionistas to get our paws on some Versace without having to take out a mortgage! And while it all looks incredibly current and nails today's trends, these kinds of items are investments that will last a lifetime - let's face it, anything you buy that has Versace on it is a keeper. 

The style concepts are beautifully unique, meaning that any piece you buy will elevate your wardrobe to new fashion heights, and will make you stand out from the crowd. The dresses are so gorgeous that you would literally just have to throw one on with some cute shoes, grab a simple handbag, sling a coat over your arm (it is winter) and go.. could style get any simpler? A killer dress is basically an outfit in itself, and here you've got the chance to snap up several. The separates shown are all in eye-catching prints, nailing the trophy trousers trend that is major right now, while being iconically Versace. And it is not only the clothes that are incredible - if you can tear your eyes away long enough, the accessories are pretty amazing too! Chunky & decadent seems to have been the concept here, and boy does it work! 

Okay, so everything visible in the photos is totally lust-worthy (including the model's hair and makeup - love!), and I currently have my eye on a few pieces.. Alright, alright, I want it all. Now, ingrain this date into your memory.. they hit the stores, and online, on NOVEMBER 17TH. It's officially marked off on my calendar, and I don't care if it's a weekday. I will be on the online store (since there are no shops near me) buying some gorgeous pieces. I'm not sure my college will accept Versace as an excuse to be late, or at least not paying attention, but they are just going to have to. This collaboration is like a fashion dream come true, and seeing the absolutely stunning promo photos has only made me more determined to own a little bit of this legend. Love and kisses, Tara xox