Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Star Style Obsession - Emma Watson

Emma Watson has grown up in the public eye due to her role as Hermione in Harry Potter - and her style has grown up with her. In the early years of public appearances, her looks weren't exactly what you'd call uber-stylish.. like most young teens she hadn't quite found her style. But now she has developed an amazing fashion sense with a bit of an edge, and Emma has been taking more risks since the pixie crop. She seems to be able to wear anything well, and has a faultless sense of how to accessorize her look and co-ordinate her makeup, even finding different ways to style her crop. I love her style because she is not afraid to go all out and be sartorially blasted for daring to be different. That and the fact that I genuinely can't fault what she wears pretty much all the time. Admittedly I haven't seen every outfit she's ever worn, especially on off-duty days, but all the ones I've seen, while maybe not being something I'd go for suit her down to the ground. Here are just some of my favourites - and sorry they are mostly red carpet, that just seems to be her natural style habitat..

First up a super-sweet, super-glam pre-crop look. This is one of my favourite of Emma's looks - I'm such a magpie that the burst of gold shining and shimmering drew me in immediately.. then I gave her full marks not only for being able to pull of yellow (jealous) but also for accessorizing so flawlessly. Gorgeous.

Another look from during the HP years when longer hair was a requirement. I personally loved her longer hair because it was so versatile.. Here however my eyes are fixed on that lace/leather dress with amazing floral detailing. It's just walking the cute/sexy line and really makes her stand out from the crowd.

This look at the HP premiere shows off her relatively recent crop to perfection. I am also a sucker for lace and feathers, so I adore this look. The materials could so easily have been a girlie dream, but keeping it all black with matchy-matchy shoes, that dramatic hair and only a black bra underneath the lace top made it more sexy than sweet (although that big smile is very cute) and marks the arrival of a very grown-up Emma.

The girl doesn't only do dramatic though, this on-trend midi dress is feminine, sparkly and so gorgeous it hurts a little bit. The matching shoes and silver earrings make the look tonal and very chic as well, but basically Emma now looks like an angel.

Another girlie colour palette here with this dusky lilac mini dress and classic nude heels that make her legs look about 6 miles long. It also feels like the side cut outs shouldn't look this good - she is inspiring severe envy from yours truly for being able to make them work! I do love that she is proving that while she does love a dramatic, embellished look, a simple outfit can still make a serious impact.

Back to the black lace now, although this look is still a bit more feminine with the ruffle hem and sleeves. It just really suits Emma, as does the stunning hair colour she is sporting here - love, love, LOVE. 

At a premiere you really can't beat a floor length dress, and Emma is practically the poster girl for them here. I have fallen in love with the fairytale glamour she just epitomises here in the gorgeously embellished top and sweetly dramatic net skirt - possibly my favourite look of all. That cute smile and sweet side swept hair are also beautiful and simple enough to let the dress do all the talking.

Before was the London premiere of HP7Part2, this is New York and by her own admission Emma wanted to be more fashion-forward and dramatic here. Once again a floor-length gown was in order, but she has definitely ramped up the glamour and gone for a more high fashion finish. I love the more simple cut of the dress, as well as the rich gold of the skirt, and when paired with slicked back hair and some seriously mega smokey eyes this look is just perfection.

Working the edgier side of her look in McQueen, this tartan and leather look still looks bang on-trend today, despite not being too recent. Even though I disagree with wearing leather, I have to admit it looks good on Emma.. I'll just convince myself it's not real, and content myself with not wearing anything dead myself.

This is another occasion for convincing myself the leather isn't real because I love Emma's edgy take on the classic trench - and mixing textures is extremely hot right now! Her look here feels quite pared down, but that is to let the coat be the statement and I think she has played it just right.

Yet another incredible trench with amazing sleeves. Not one to do things by halves, Emma has made a simple off duty outfit super luxe and dramatic with her embellished coat. Looking past the amazing outerwear (difficult to do I'll admit) I actually love her cute, collared dress and classic peep-toes.. I wish I had her wardrobe, just minus the leather!

Finally an off-duty look creeps into my faves.. this isn't dramatic, complicated or glamorous, which the rest of my picks have been, and that is why I love it. Here Emma shows that she looks equally good dressing for comfort, as well as proving that a good handbag can rev up your style staples.

Ahh, how I love Emma. Her red carpet style never fails to impress, and she always seems comfortable in what she wears. I have to admit I wasn't sold on her pixie crop when she first cut it (I actually remember saying I preferred the long hair by miles), but I can totally understand why she did it and really appreciate the impact it had on her style - it let her present herself as more of an adult, as well as suiting her edgier looks and encouraging her to take risks, so I actually quite like it now! On her. Specifically clothes-wise I love the variety of her looks, from pared-down to embellished and dramatic, and the way she literally always looks amazing, show-stopping and perfectly put together on the red carpet. If and when I get to go to a red carpet style event I would like to think I could look as good as Emma! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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