Saturday, 8 October 2011

Winter makeup is going to be anything but boring.

Typically, winter always puts me in mind of dull, dark days and a seriously inhospitable climate that makes me want to barricade myself indoors by the fire, and I've found that winter wardrobes can start to look a bit boring too.. All too often when presented with the task of buying a new winter staple, like a coat or boots, we will opt for something in those 'timeless' colours of black, grey or brown. And yes, I'll admit they do last, and they are classics, but when everything around is so dull and lifeless, I am crying out for some colour! However, I'm not suggesting we all go and splash out on things that are purely seasonal, in colours that could go out of fashion as quickly as they've come back in, but maybe get a red coat instead of black (or mustard if you do want to be totally of the minute). Or pick up a bright bag, jewel tone shoes, or a printed top - little pops of colour can make all the difference. Little details do add up though, and in this economy even I will admit that sometimes you just cannot afford to rock every trend. But have no fear, your classic items can be revved up with some much more affordable purchases..

Possibly the best way to revamp your style is to try a new beauty look. Take one hot runway trend and try it out - you might find your new signature look! At the very least, you'll be able to switch up your image with minimal effort and minimal spending.. now that's what I call a win-win situation. To give you inspiration on how to brighten up the winter months starting with your face, here are the beauty trends I am just dying to test out this season.


Metallic eyes are the new smoky - aka your go-to makeup look for this season. They can be dramatic, sexy, glamorous, even pared-down for day, and are always hot. My favourite metallic eye is this classic silver one with a graphic shape, complimented by flawless, barely-there lips and cheeks. One of the best things about this trend though is it's versatility, pretty much any metallic colour looks gorgeous and bang on trend, like the green look. So whatever your eye colour, outfit or preference, get shimmering!
  Metallics aren't just limited to eyes though, you can add a bit of shimmer to your lip colour for instant glamour, or even try a shimmering blush or bronzer for a subtle metallic update. One of my favourite ways to work metallics into a look however is nail polish. If you know me at all by now, you'll already be aware that I love painting my nails, and using them as a way to stay on trend and rev up my outfits (when I don't have to have naked nails for work), so it won't surprise you that I plan to work metallic nails in the near future! Marc Jacobs showcased the two toned silver style, which are totally perfect for an edgy look. Personally I love the gold polish though, it would work with any colour or look, as well as being incredibly standout and glamorous.

Red lips have long been the epitome of glamour, and this season sees the fail-safe colour firmly back as one of the hottest looks du jour. Not only can a pop of red lipstick rev up pretty much any day time look, while embodying showstopping glamour in the evening, but the classic style harks back to the ladylike elegance of the 40s - the decade to step back to this season.
If red simply isn't your thing, try playing around with berry lip colours. They have been edging  into fashion for a few seasons now, but AW 2011 has seen them become one of the key looks to work. Rosy pink (above, centre) is a suits-all colour that will ease you into bright lips while still making an impact and brightening up your look, while the darker, wine-stained colours are uber-dramatic and gorgeous. You may have noticed I already love a bright lip colour, and now I'm going to add a deeper wine colour to my collection of pink and red.

Sixties inspired baby-doll beauty is another key look to wear this season. The 60s are the other hottest decade to hark back to, if ladylike 40s isn't your style then this is your other fashionable alternative. Eyeliner flicks are a requirement of this look, completed with nude lips and flawless skin. They are also a fashion classic that make your eyes look bigger and more awake, so there really is no excuse not to start (or carry on) working them.

But baby-doll wasn't the only eyeliner look being bandied about on the runway.. Going graphic was a major trend this season, whether it was with thicker flicks, lining under the eyes as well or simply going totally out there and lining the socket line. Pretty much anything goes this season, so get experimenting! If you're not sure if you can pull off the more avant-garde looks (I'll agree they feel a little out there for every day life), try the open ended look (above, right) which is super-flattering too. I'd recommend you try it out before doing it properly for the first time, with a little experimenting sesh one lazy day, because it's not an easy thing to do under pressure - and you need to find out what works for you. A definite plus of this look is that all you need is your usual black eyeliner - you don't even need to buy anything to achieve this instant update!


I know I said that this was all about avoiding the typical winter slump into dark colours, but you know I can never totally ignore a hot trend.. The natural grunge look cropped up on many an AW '11 catwalk, and you've got to admit that even if it doesn't brighten your look as such, it will add interest. It's not the easiest thing to pull off, but if you can it will showcase some serious fashion balls. This is another one to experiment with first I think.. try eyeshadows in tobacco and purple-ish tones, but make sure to keep skin fresh and put a little peachy colour into lips to offset the darkening effect.

Now this look will definitely brighten up your look! If you want to inject some colour into your makeup style but don't want to be constantly re-applying lipstick, and are a little unsure about eyeshadow then make room for a bright fuschia blusher. This instantly lifts your look, combatting the dulling effect winter has on skin, while standing out a little too.

The minimalist approach to makeup has become huge this season - your new beauty key words are flawless & barely-there. Surprisingly, despite the lack of attention-grabbing colour or daring lines, the sheer freshness of this look is enough to brighten up a winter style. It's incredibly refreshing to see the natural look cease to be boring, and for high fashion to be about enhancing beauty, not plastering yourself in out-of-this world makeup. It's also the most simple look of all - minimal foundation and concealer to create a dewy, fresh skin tone, then taupe and peach shades on eyes, cheeks and lips, with the barest hint of brown (not harsh black) mascara. Stunning.

See, winter doesn't have to be dull! This season dare to break with your tried-and-tested makeup regime and let something new in. Whichever look you choose to adopt, I guarantee the change will be refreshing - and if you step out of your comfort zone, you just might find you can pull off something unusual to great effect. Go on, experiment. Personally, I plan to try them all just to keep things interesting! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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