Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Star Style Obsession - Dita Von Teese

While I'm not really 100% what she does, or is actually famous for, I literally always lust after Dita Von Teese's style. Whether she's on the red carpet or just out and about, her signature retro styling is flawless - always perfectly put together with attention to detail, and always screaming vintage glamour. As you've noticed, my wardrobe has been leaning towards ladylike and retro recently, probably influenced by the major 40s trend this season, but Dita has been working it for years. She just happens to look even more du jour now. I think you'll be able to guess why I love her style before you've even seen my picks of her looks - anyone who is glamorous and on trend 24/7 is a surefire hit with me. But here are, in my opinion, her most gorgeous ensembles..

First up, the outfit that made me stop and look today.. The stunning silhouette created by this dress is enviable, and she totally proves that black does not mean dull, it means chic and gorgeous. Plus the immaculate signature beauty look of retro styled hair and killer red lipstick along with gorgeous jewellery make this look faultless.

That retro makeup look is Dita's signature, and it really does go with anything, while harking back to the 40s screen sirens in a classically glam way. I love the incredibly naughty-but-nice feel to this look - nude and black lace are incredibly sexy, but the sheer tights and black heels are just demure enough to stop this look being too much.

This showstopper of a dress might be my favourite of all of the looks I've chosen. It's an attention-grabber, completely glamorous and basically heavenly for a fashion magpie like me.. without being too gushy, I basically think the retro glamour style she has going on works every time.

And being off the red carpet is no reason to ditch a signature style that works so well.. She literally could have stepped out of another decade. It's the attention to detail that makes this look, the narrow belt, studded shoes and of course immaculate makeup and classic red lip all add up to fashion perfection. 

I love spots. Key print for this season, and always cute, they totally fit in with Dita's retro styling. I am also awarding major fashion points for the head wear - the lady has guts!

Vintage glamour continues, and it never gets old. Some styles truly are timeless. The elbow length gloves are a gorgeous detail, and I simply adore the neckline here.

Not only is this dress ideal summer glamour, with a gorgeous print, but it is vintage Vivienne Westwood. Intense wardrobe envy here! And it is perfect for Dita, the china print is so cute and the retro shape showcases her amazing figure.

This was just a quick run down of why Dita Von Teese has incredible style. She sticks to her retro guns day in day out, and always goes out looking so pulled together and glamorous that I sometimes think she isn't real.. I am very jealous of her figure and her wardrobe, and will be using her as my vintage inspiration, for days when I feel like a 40s siren. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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