Saturday, 29 October 2011

Is it too soon to be writing a Christmas list?

I know, I know, I'm getting to be a big girl now (all of 17 and 6 months!) and there will come the day when people don't buy me presents for Christmas, it will just be money and a card like my parents get. But since I'm not quite an adult yet I am going to write a list, and pray for presents on the actual day. Also, people (aka relatives) have been asking what I want..

It does feel a little soon to me, but then I can't believe it's nearly November! Where did 2011 go? All of a sudden it's dark when I wake up for work, getting almost cold enough to break out the coat and the shops look like Christmas vomited on them. And pretty soon everyone will be singing Christmas carols.. oh god. I have to admit there are parts of Xmas I love, and parts I hate - the downright commercialism, unnecessary decorations that lead to insane lights on houses and tinselitus and the way it is practically forced down your throat really gets to me. Aren't I a right little Scrooge? Well.. not really. I love the idea of spending time with your family and giving your loved ones gifts to show your appreciation, I just don't see the need to spend a fortune on tacky decorations. I put my money into the actual presents, and possibly into the food - cake decorations, edible of course!

So this year as we are apparently running up to Xmas I am trying not to ask for too much, because I'm afraid I won't be able to give much. So far I have seen a few books I want..

I saw this in River Island and saw a chance to doodle my dreams..
Urban Outfitters stocks this uh-may-zing book.
I just love decorating cakes.
More fashionable exploits to read about..
I'm not going to lie, these books don't come cheap. But I'm not planning on making a huge list.. Just a few bits and pieces. I really want to read all of these though, especially the fashion ones. Much love to Urban Outfitters for having such an incredible book section! And the River Island book would just be a brilliant way to indulge my creative side in another medium than blogging.. not that I wouldn't share my best musings with you all of course. This is only the beginning of a burgeoning collection of style books, I can tell. I love being inspired by looks, ideas and people I see, and these would give me some classic icons at my fingertips. I also just love the feel of a good book, and since fashion is arguably my favourite subject I feel that I practically need a style library.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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