Friday, 28 October 2011

I'm such a Mummy's girl at heart.

I'm not saying that in any sarcastic kind of way, I mean it. I love my mum. I mean, just thinking of everything she does for me induces guilt factor 1 billion.. and the thing is, she probably doesn't even realise how grateful I am. Or how lovely I think she is. As well as being a mother, mine acts as a kind of best friend/surrogate sister - maybe since I'm an only child she had to fill all three roles, whatever, the point is that we spend most of our lives together, have an insane amount of in jokes and get on like a house on fire. And we live by a similar philosophy.. chocolate is the answer, the question is irrelevant! Not the deepest of thoughts I'll admit, but it works. Oh and the chocolate of choice = galaxy.

There is a point to all this by the way, other than letting my mum know she's amazing.. It is really the intro and excuse for the update on what I'm wearing today, and why I went out to town and didn't buy anything. Apart from fancy dress accessories. But they don't count. Anyway, today since we were both free on half term (my mum's a teacher) we decided to go out and spend some time together, instead of both hanging around the house like bad smells.. The two of us needed some stuff in town, so we decided to go out to Taunton and go for lunch too while we were at it, and this is what I wore.

Top - Pull & Bear; Skirt - River Island; Blazer & Shoes - Topshop; Tights - Primark; Bag - Tous; Earrings - Topshop; Ring - Parfois.
I'm still dressing quite optomistically considering there was thick mizzle (thicker than mist, lighter than drizzle) abounding this morning - a sure sign that winter is drawing in for good. Since today is Wear It Pink day for breast cancer I didn't need any better reason to wear my gorgeous swirl skirt, it's gorgeous and showing my support for a good cause. I couldn't resist an on-trend twist with some metallic sparkle in my gold top and new Topshop ballet flats, like I said, I'm a magpie and love to be a little bit glittered up, even in every day life.
I think for a chilly day out in town this is a pretty perfect outfit - low mainenance enough to just wear, but playful and sparkly enough to be interesting too.

The day itself was also pretty perfect, despite not spending much money (I'm a little broke okay, I'm holding out till payday!) because wandering around and window shopping is always fun. We also found an amazing ethnic food store which is brilliant because we cook oriental-style a fair bit.. my favourite food is Thai & since we holiday mostly in Asia we have dedicated Asian tastebuds. Lunch was amazing too since we went back to our fave Thai restaurant in Taunton (are we becoming too regular?) and had a two course lunch for £6.95 each - score. I also collected food inspiration for next time I cook! The long and short of the day was that we didn't get home until gone half three, thanks to hitting the supermarket too, so it really was a lovely day out.

Something else I want to share with you all, now I've given you my life story, is a close up on my beauty look for the day. In the above photo it looks very simple, like usual, but look closer..

Ignoring the scruffy hair, you'll notice I've gone for a slightly timid take on graphic eyeliner with the usual upper lid flick mirrored by an underline with a flick too. I saw this on catwalk models, then again in several magazines and decided to give it a go.. I'm pretty pleased with the effect, it is a lot more striking and unusual than just one flick, giving me a slightly more quirky beauty look than usual. It also means that I can go pretty bare on other makeup - I loaded my lashes with mascara for maximum impact, then just kept my skin simple and glowy and wore a little lip gloss for balance. Also, I don't know if you'll notice but I just re-dyed my hair dark brown (it was a little faded) and am pretty impressed with the way it sharpens up all my outfits and suits my face/skin tone. Clairol foam hair colour, you have satisfied me. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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