Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm well aware it's not actually Halloween til Monday, I'm not that useless with dates honest! It just so happens that yesterday (Wednesday 26th October) was the night I went to this year's Halloween party, getting my annual fix of fancy dress and spooky decorations, while seeing yet more old friends I haven't seen in a while - and those who put up with me all the time too of course. Now, call me sad, but fancy dress parties are my favourite kind. This is because the further you go with your costume the cooler you look, and it is also a chance for everyone to stop taking themselves seriously and just dress up for funzies! Or at least that's what I try and do. Last year I was a gothic china doll, so I decided not to go totally Halloween-ish this year and just picked a costume that was pretty cool, cute and able to be worn again.

The idea of a Grecian goddess was planted in my little head a while back when in a party shop, then after trawling ebay and struggling to choose I remembered how much I fancied it.. The dress with attached gold cape (I know, too cool for words) came with the belt and was a little bit of an ebay bargain - I then accessorized with a laurel headband that I bought in a party shop, plus my H&M gladiator sandals, some Primark jewellery and gold glitter eyeshadow. Et voila, the goddess has descended from Olympus. To party. Everybody's costumes were pretty amazing, but I've got to say, my favourite came from a fellow blogger & one of my newer college friends..

This is us together, because we are beautiful. She came as a dead angel with no wings, casually wonky halo, ooodles of fake blood and the most awesome eyelashes known to mankind! And because I have so much love for her, here's some casual publicity for the lovely akikik.. go check out, she is a seriously cool girl. After the party last night and a nice long work shift with an early start (gahhh) I am le tired and have much college work to do - even though it's half term my free time has been seriously limited. And there are better things to do, like ramble on about fashion! Anway, I'll toddle off now before I ramble so much I forget what I'm on about. Time for a hot chocolate by the fire while I make some revision cards methinks.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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