Monday, 3 October 2011

Apparently this is the last little bit of sun we'll be seeing.

So of course, I wasn't going to miss out! Today I decided to dress summery, even if it is technically October and supposed to be getting into the gross-ness that is rain, wind & even snow. Eugh. Anyway, since the weather is apparently going to go downhill from here, I simply had to take my chances.. Oh, and while I remember - it was lucky that it was a beautiful day today, one of my best friends became an adult today! 18! And you know what that means.. Not only can she do all the grown up things, but I got to make a cake & bring it into college! (cue awkward borrowing of knife from canteen staff) So yes, today was a bit of a beauty, and if it's the last little bit of sunshine we get, I'll take it..

Top, Skirt & Bag - River Island; Shoes - New Look; Socks - Primark; Bracelet - ASOS; Rings - H&M; Earrings - Topshop.
I absolutely love this feather-shoulder tee, but obviously with a jacket it's wasted so the last day of sunshine marked possibly the last wear of the year for this gorgeous top. Also, I may have had it a few years, but it still fits with this season's penchant for mixing textures. You'll notice my favourite girlie skirt breaking out again, to balance the shoulders with its swirly shape. And the socks are another nod to an AW trend - there's a real emphasis on socks with heels, it's all about mixing it up! I'll try anything once, me.. and you'll know I love tights, so why not break into socks? Commence major sock-shop. Love and kisses, Tara xox