Friday, 21 October 2011

Last day of half term - score!

Somehow, all us college kids (and school kids too I guess) have ploughed through half a term already! Personally, I'm ridiculously glad to be getting a week off - not only can I stop getting up at sunrise, but I might finally have a chance to get organised. While I love the buzz of college, hanging out with friends and even learning some pretty interesting stuff from time to time, I have to say my free time is pretty limited, so my organisation is suffering. Even my wardrobe is mutating into a floor-drobe because I simply haven't got the time to sort it out! So this half term holiday is pretty much what the doctor ordered.. These first few A2 weeks have been pretty good though, and of course I have been enjoying employing the theory that all the world's a catwalk and wearing something new and gorgeous every day. Which made me very aware that this is my last fashion impression for this half term..

Dress - Topshop; Cardigan, Tights & Shoes - New Look; Belt - Primark; Necklace - Claires; Earrings - TU at Sainsburys; Ring - Dorothy Perkins.
I was all cosied up for once today, and I've got to admit that being warm and snuggly was a lovely, if unfamiliar feeling. As you can see I haven't given up on my summer dresses, especially not this sweet white one, because they can look just as good if you layer them up with a chunky knit and some tights, which is what I went for here. I did decide to cinch in my waist with a skinny belt though, so I still retained some vestige of a shape and didn't totally lose it in my chunky cardigan! I'm also trying to work the Navajo trend with the print of the cardigan, and the gorgeous necklace - it's one that all the celebs are tapping into, so of course I've got to give it a bash..

I also arrived home to a nice surprise from my lovely mum, who had bought me some bits & pieces that were 'meant to be for christmas', but apparently she wasn't sure if I would like them and decided to show them to me now anyway. I think the idea was that I would go 'oh thanks, they're lovely, but not for me, maybe presents for my friends'.. Didn't happen. I loved them all! Perfect way to start half term me thinks..

All wrapped up..

Free from their packaging!

I literally love this label.

Cute necklaces - mirror & key.

Love these rings - sparrow, and T for Tara of course!
All of it is from Rock N Rose ( and each piece is just uber cute! I adore quirky, sweet jewellery because it makes a look so much more personal and unique - even if somebody else has the same dress as you, the accessories you wear personalise it. And even if you buy all of your jewellery on the high street, along with thousands of other people, it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever wear the exact same jewellery combo as you on a given day. Basically, jewellery is just another way to express your personality, as well as rev up a simple look. Like I always say, it's all in the detail! Love and kisses, Tara xox