Sunday, 23 October 2011

We've got them moves like Jagger.

So yesterday was a pretty mega start to the half term break - one of my besties had a party at her house involving about 20 friends, loud music (the best track earned its place as title of this post) and much pear cider in many flavours.. personal fave = Brother's toffee apple. As well as being an epic night in general, it was great to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in aaaages, and the chance to let my hair down was very welcome. Granted, waking up and going to work the next day was less appealing, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. This little blogger says a huge thankyou to the amazing hostess, and all the other cool kids who made it such a beautiful party. Now of course you're not here just to read about my shenanigans - here's what I wore to said party last night!

Blouse & Shoes - New Look; Skirt & Earrings - Miss Selfridge; Tights - Primark; Ring - Parfois.
I didn't want to overdress or underdress, but house parties are really hard to judge.. So I pulled my usual trick and wore whatever I felt like. This time it just happened to be my beautiful embellished bird blouse, with a black mini, suspender tights and surprisingly little jewellery! For me this was quite a simple outfit to put together, it's really just a few black on black separates.. but the details make it a bit more interesting and party-worthy. I always find party outfits quite difficult, because dress codes are so ambiguous - which is why I am insanely glad that the next two I'm going to are fancy dress! But there'll be no clues as to what I'm wearing though, it's a little surprise.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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