Saturday, 15 October 2011

Another weekend, another shopping trip!

I made it out to town again this weekend, even if I had to go straight from work! Of course, I got changed first - no way was I going around town in my bedroom-cleaning uniform. Doesn't bear thinking about. But since this job basically funds my expensive shopping habit, I can't complain in the slightest.. and to be honest, it's a good job. But anyway, this trip basically served to make me remember why we normally go shopping early (aka 9am, when the shops open) instead of around 2pm - it's not as much fun to shop when it's crazy busy, and the queuing is just annoying! Anyway, out on my little shopping trip today I wore..

Top & Shoes - New Look; Shorts, Socks - H&M; Ring - Primark; Bracelet - ASOS; Necklace - Topshop; Earrings - Accessorize.
Coming over all English heritage today, and mixing my textures with tweed shorts, wool socks and a sheer blouse.. I think the tonal effect keeps it harmonious. And yet again, knee socks are just a bit more unexpected than tights - even though I am a self-proclaimed aficionado of pattern tights, long socks are mega. 

While out today I didn't actually buy very much.. just a few pieces of jewellery..

I had been eyeing up these stunning Topshop drop earrings for a few weeks, and finally decided to treat myself to them - I mean, it's only money! It's far better to have some gorgeous things to use, wear and love, than have a load of money sitting around in your purse. And then I just could not resist this cute necklace from New Look, not only is it a super-sweet owl (I'm a sucker for birds) but it was half price in the sale - wowzers. Even though I didn't spend much, I'm still pretty pleased with the haul today. Admittedly, the main goal of the trip into town wasn't to buy loads.. it was to get my ear pierced! I am now the proud owner of one (slightly sore) left ear with a piercing at the top! Better still, it didn't even hurt to get it done. It's only after the freeze spray wore off and blood came back to my ear that it got a little sore - nothing I can't handle though. Now I feel like I want to get something else pierced! Suggestions?? Love and kisses, Tara xox

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