Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Laughing in the face of autumn.

Yes, the weather has changed dramatically for the worse now, and there's not really a chance of any improvements until oh.. next year at least.. so it would probably have been wise to wrap up a bit. Pah. Some stubborn little part of my brain held out hope that we could dredge up one last day of sun, as well as refusing to ever let the weather dictate my style. So come on autumn, do your worst. I'll still wear exactly what I want.

Dress & Belt - Effgee (at Volcanic); Shoes - New Look; Bag - River Island; Ring - Yumi; Earrings - handmade locally.
Couldn't resist the urge to wear my new monochrome dress, and felt oh-so-retro-fabulous all day, especially with the classic red lipstick and ladylike accessories! Yes, I was a teeeeeensy bit chilly, but I had almost hoped that all the weather men were lying & the sun would shine again.. that and the fact that it's fashion over function every time meant that a few goosebumps weren't important. I'm already planning how I can style this dress up differently to wear it again, because it's so gorgeous that I can't just consign it to the depths of my wardrobe.. even if people have already seen it.

I feel like I should try and be a little more practical tomorrow, but with the best intentions possible, that just won't happen unless I actually wake up with a warm outfit playing on my mind. Once I get an idea of what to wear, I can't resist.. so listen up subconscious - I'd really love one day where I felt actually prepared for the conditions & don't turn purple with cold. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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