Sunday, 2 October 2011

Gems of fashion wisdom..

Sunday, the day of rest.. as if. Now, today's post might be essentially pointless - I haven't been anywhere exciting (except work) or worn anything incredible, and there's no post on Sundays so no fashion deliveries.. And since I'm literally rushed off my feet today I don't have time to share an obsession or a wishlist.. Now you're asking why I bother, aren't you? Why don't I just take a fashion vacation for today & get back on tomorrow with something to say? Well that's just not my style. I might not be setting the internet on fire with my musings, but I'm going to keep them regular. 

 Anyway, after that little spiel, I'm going to get to the point (ish). Having gained a style Bible in the form of My Style by Dannii yesterday, I have decided to start sharing my pearls of wisdom with you all. I've learned a thing or two in my 17 years & 4 months on this planet, and aside from the serious, educational stuff that I have to know, my brain is basically full of fashion. I've absorbed tips and tricks from friends, bloggers, magazines, TV & the world around me, as well as learning from experience, and now I want to pass them on. This week I'm going to start with..

The Importance Of Taking A Day Off.

In pretty much all areas of life, making the effort is vital to success. From school work to skincare, even writing this blog, you won't get anywhere without putting in the hours and giving your all in everything you attempt.. And while I believe 100% in trying hard in all areas of life, I also believe that taking time out from it all is necessary to prevent a breakdown. I'm not alone either..
-In college, they are always saying that you need to timetable in homework and time to relax. Revising for half an hour, followed by a half hour break has always been recommended.
-So many celebrity diets dictate a 'cheat day' or 'cheat meal', where you eat whatever you want, because it actually helps keep your metabolism up.
-One of the best tips to let your skin breathe and keep it fresh & clear, aside from removing makeup every night, is to take one day a week where you don't wear any makeup at all.
-You shouldn't hit the gym every day, you should have a rest day once a week so that your body still responds well to the exercise.
-Even shopping can be moderated - shops are barely open on Sundays & there's no post, so taking a day off without spending can make it more exciting when you do go.
-Nobody works 7 days a week if they can help it - you've got to keep your enthusiasm up!

Those are just a few examples where a day off is not just ideal, but is actually recommended. I try to use my Sunday for this normally - even though I actually end up working most of them! However, a day off is one of the best ways to keep sane in this crazy-busy world we live in. So go on, let yourself go a little.. after all it's only one day a week! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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