Monday, 17 October 2011

Fashion Confession.

Okay, major apologies.. it's been a while since I shared my little fashion-life-style secrets with you all. And now I bet this one is going to be the mother of all anticlimaxes. It's kind of linked to my musings yesterday on why wardrobes should be dressing up boxes (if you missed it, check it out.. sidebar. hint hint.) but here goes.

I have split fashion personalities.

You've probably noticed that while my look is quite cohesive thanks to the blunt fringe hair, ever-present ring and general air of girlie-ness, I hardly dress the same every day. I don't even rock the same style. Take last week for example - Monday felt ladylike, Tuesday was more fetish, Wednesday was just the ultimate in cosy-chic, Thursday went uber-feminine, Friday delved into quirky layering and Saturday was a mix of girlie and heritage. While I know that pretty much everyone likes to work a different trend every day and keep their look varied, I honestly think I have fashion schizophrenia.

Since I can't get inside other people's heads, I can't tell if it really is just me, but I find that not only do I dress differently, I think differently every day too. Of course, the clothes you wear have an impact on how you think -  but I wear my clothes, they don't wear me! I have always said I dress for my changing mood, and I really do. I will wake up on any given day and feel completely different to the previous day, which is why I can change looks quite radically. What else is weird is that whatever I am wearing at the time feels like the real me, leaving previous looks feeling like costumes for a character, but I know that come tomorrow it won't reflect the personality/feelings I have then.

Now, am I just crazy? Or is it totally normal to be a different girl every day of the week? Clothes should vary, but maybe mine vary too much. Or maybe it's just a little strange to be so radically changed from one day to the next. Like I said, I can't read any other girls' minds and see if they think like me.. so, help me out? Tell me, is this normal, or am I a bit of a fashion freak? Love and kisses, Tara xox

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