Monday, 31 October 2011

Layers, layers, layers.

October's almost been and gone now, and what with the clocks going back it is getting dark depressingly fast now, all signs that serious winter is kicking in and the winter wardrobe needs breaking out. Which is why today, on the first day back at college after half term, I went for a good bit of layering. So much so that people thought my top was all one.. oh no, three separate items went into my top half..

Jumper & Ankle Boots - H&M; Peter Pan Collar Top (underneath) - Topshop; Skirt - River Island; Tights - Primark; Faux Fur Cuffs - ASOS; Earrings - present from friend; Ring - Accessorize.
And thanks to my canny layering I was nearly warm today! My wrists were at least.. meaning I am officially in love with these faux fur cuffs. These are edging into pole position as my favourite winter accessory, simply because they are so easy to add on to anything with sleeves, fur is an awesome AW update and lets me play with textures (like today's wool & fur combo) and they also just look uber cute. I am definitely jumping on the layering bandwagon if these little babies are involved!

Just had to go for a little close up on the cuffs because I adore them so much! Also wanted to show off my cute metallic nail polish - another disappointingly slow work week means I decided to add a little something to my looks with this sweet pinkish-bronze colour (it's from Avon). I just really loved the contrast in fabrics and colours I had going today, so I zoomed in for the detail here.

I'm also just going to say a quick Happy Halloween! Although as you know I've already had two fancy dress parties and literally nothing is going down on a Monday evening, I haven't been dissuaded from getting into the Halloween spirit..

Meet Jack, my little pumpkin buddy that I carved with the help of my mum and styled on Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh how I love keeping childhood traditions alive.. Anyway, Happy Halloween all! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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