Saturday, 22 October 2011

Star Style Obsession - Susie Bubble

My slightly obsessive-compulsive brain is currently fighting itself right now - I completely forgot to post a style obsession on Wednesday and now cannot work out whether it is better to just skip a week and post on the 'correct' day, or to have a style obsession this week.. Due to a sheer desire to write, a bit of time on my hands, and a lot of love for Susie Bubble, I've decided to post anyway, regardless of the day! 

Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble, is one of the most well-known fashion bloggers around and her blog ( recieves thousands of hits every day. Her posts are little slices of fashion heaven, whether they report back on the latest catwalk shows, show off her new buys & amazing style or just give little insights into her stylish mind. I follow Susie on twitter and have bookmarked Style Bubble, purely so I can read these amazing posts as soon as I possibly can! And then when I am on the blog I often lose myself in the archives of her old posts.. But anyway, not only does she share fashion magic and updates on style, but her wardrobe and effortlessly cool outfits are inspirational. Not to sound OTT, but she inspires me personally, especially when she says she can change outfits several times a day - that's my kind of hero.

Whatever she wears, Susie always looks incredibly fashionable, but doesn't look like she has specifically dressed to portray a trend.. she looks like she is wearing what she wants, and it just happens to be on trend. My friends who know of her say her style is a little too crazy, or out there for them to wear, and I do agree that it must take some bravery to step out in some of her ensembles. I'm not sure I could, but it is brilliant to see a 'real' person (basically not a celebrity) who can pull off those more mad trends. Here are a few of my favourite Susie Bubble looks, and why I think her style is so awesome.

This neon-bright look is super cute. On paper all the separate pieces might have seemed overpowering, but put together on Susie they look harmonious, all adding up to a stylish summertime outfit. I wish I had her instincts for matching items and creating looks!

Again, the clashing prints of these separates would have made me run a mile, or at least not put them on together, but somehow she pulls them off! The quirky accessories are also super cool, especially that functional-yet-sport-luxe-fashionable visor.

One way Susie definitely inspires me is her incredible ability to layer pieces, playing around with lengths & collars for example. I have always been a bit scared that layering will bulk me up and lose any figure I may have, but that's not the case for her. After seeing her inspirational layered looks a few times I have tried out a few collars, but this look makes me want to layer everything I own. I love the harmonious colour palette and soft floral details, as well as the eye-popping shades.

I honestly don't know where to look with this oufit! So many prints and colours.. they just shouldn't work together, but they do. Maybe she has superpowers.. Or maybe it's the simple, unfussy bun and slick of red lippie that pull it all together. I really do love this outfit though because the individual pieces are so simple (shape-wise at least), then put together those prints really make her stand out. I also like the way my eyes are constantly drawn to new details.

Another look where you constantly see more details, I really like the way she has used jeans and a shirt as a blank canvas for her jacket and accessories. I am also a big fan of her hair - straight & dark with a fringe.. a little like mine, no?

Matching up quirky pieces here for a style that is 100% unique, Susie has made it work with the tonal colour palette. I really love the way she looks like she wears exactly what she wants on any given day, and she wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear her.

Another super-bright outfit here, especially those eye-watering shoes! I bet Susie turned a fair few heads as she walked around. I love that she shows a simplistic shape can look incredibly dramatic and quirky with a good pattern.

I really like the soft, tonal colours and loose, flowy shapes that juxtapose with the sharp high heels here. Another favourite thing about Susie's style is that there is usually something unexpected in an outfit - she is never bland, boring or predictable.

Red and black are a killer combination, and I like the way she incorporates her dark hair into the look too. This look feels quite edgy and effortlessly cool - loving the way she isn't the same every day.

This outfit is just all over sweet. Sticking to one colour in different shades always looks very cool, and I love the textures of the dress and jacket. She has even picked the perfect complimentary background in that orange brick wall!

This final outfit is one that pretty much only Susie could make work. That skirt could so easily just swamp her frame (it definitely would swamp mine), but it works because she plays up to the shape, and keeps her jacket cropped to emphasize her waist. The socks and shoes probably should make her legs just look really short, but they don't - they just look quirky and cute.

Basically, Susie Bubble has a totally unique style and an ability to create outfits that not only scream creativity and stylish-ness, but really make her stand out from the crowd. She is one of my style obsessions for her fashion bravery, but also because she isn't a celebrity like my other style obsessions, she is a real girl, a fashion blogger, who proves that you can wear inventive high fashion looks in every day life. I find her really inspiring, and will continue to try to inject some of her cool-ness into my look.. I'll play around more with layering, and try not to be afraid of a completely clashing look. For now though, I will continue stalking Style Bubble and reading her musings on fashion. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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