Monday, 1 August 2011

a small town fashion blogger.

Now I would love to say I’m going to be a huge fashion blogger with thousands of readers and followers and that I can bring you high fashion inspiration and street style every day, and maybe in a big city that’s possible. However, I live in Somerset, a county known best for cider, not style. You’re thinking I won’t be very a la mode either, but (flattering myself here) I think I am one of the more fashion conscious members of the West Country. Don’t get me wrong, lots of my friends, and people I see on the street dress well... just not high fashion looks.

If I’m honest, I’m not very haute couture either. I’m a 17 year old college student with a part time job waitressing, from a middle-ish class family. I may be able to afford a bulging wardrobe, but I’m more Topshop than Prada (I’m actually a little obsessed with Topshop, but more of that later). So, how do I even expect to start blogging fashion, living out in the sticks with an utterly high-street wardrobe?

Well. My parents call me a ‘fashion victim’ at least once a day because I have clothes bursting out of my drawers, and hate wearing the same outfit twice, in an attempt to be on top of trends and ahead of my friends in the style stakes. If I go shopping with a friend, you can guarantee I’m the little shopping devil on their shoulder, and they will buy more things than they originally expected, because I judge prices comparative to designers, and always encourage them to ‘live a little’ and spend money! I read about 5 fashion magazines a month, and dream of owning the designer labels, while practicing the newest hair and makeup looks. To me, appearance is everything. When I’m out anywhere, I want people to compliment me, and I want to know I look good.

Also, despite being ‘in the back of beyond’ out here, when I go out I usually get comments on my outfits such as ‘you look like you’re out of a west end show honey, you look terrific’ while in my 1950s-esque outfit (see below) or ‘you must be a real individual’ while wearing a flower headband and floral printed dress. My friends sometimes tell me I’m being stared at, because I’m dressed up a little too much for college – they wear jeans, ballet pumps and sometimes even commit the sin of trackies; while I rock maxi dresses, headbands and wedges. I always think ‘if you dress down, there’s barely any point dressing up, people will remember the off days more’.

Oh, and I have a tendency to ramble, so I’d better hush now, and save my musings for later posts... hopefully now you believe me when I say I’m fashion obsessed, possibly too much so, and an aspiring member of the fash-pack. I’ll try to post as often as I can, to give you my little take on trends, celebrities and anything else that inspires me! If you’re hanging around the West Country and dressing covetably, don’t be surprised to see me rush towards you, camera hanging from my wrist, to beg for a photo... Love and Kisses, Tara xox


  1. That's not all entirely true. For example Claire was wearing maxi dresses before you bought one, I have never seen any of your friends in joggers and everyone who meets me compliments my boots saying they've seen them around before. Heather

  2. I was never trying to say that none of my friends were fashionable, but thankyou for your comments :)

  3. Woooaah bit of a harsh comment there. Ahh well this is awesome, can't wait to see what else you post, love you millions ♡