Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Things I Need In My Wardrobe... #1

Yes, I am basically about to post my wish list.. in parts! New season trends are buzzing round my little brain, as is the fact that it is 3 weeks till payday. Boo. So, to make the money stretch, I'm going to put up all the key items I want, and hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to get them. But there are so many emerging looks that I'm afraid there'll be a lot of vital pieces..

Anyway, Number One is.. (drum roll please) THE PENCIL SKIRT.

Not just for offices, oh no, a pencil skirt is perfectly retro 40s, and a much more flattering way for petites like me to wear the midi length. The only choice now is which one!

£30.00, ASOS
Absolutely adore this skirt. I love lace, and I love the feminine edge it give the sharp shape of a pencil skirt. Totally gorgeous, totally wearable day or night & touching on the retro trend with a hint of lace - both big for AW '11. 

£30.00, ASOS
Another gorgeous ASOS pencil skirt. The soft colour and scallop detail is beautiful, hitting the 40s trend perfectly. That colour also means it would pair easily with other neutral separates (of which I have a lot), and look good without being so bold it's screaming at you.

£30.00, ASOS
The leopard print texture totally drew me in.. moth to a flame style! This instantly feels more 70s disco luxe than 40s, but the simple shape stops it being too much. This skirt would basically make your whole outfit amazing - either working it with simple styling to let it do the talking, or totally clashed up to make a statement.

£70.00 River Island
Realistically, I know I can't afford this, and that I will refuse to buy it upon principal - I don't wear leather, or fur, or skin of any kind - but it was just so amazing, I had to put it in here anyway. Metallics are hot property right now, and leather is in there with the fetish trend, so this skirt really is perfect for now.. Except for the veggie fashionista!

£19.99, New Look
The cheapest of the five, and still very on trend for AW '11 as colour blocking is going nowhere. I love the versatility of the skirt, either worn low key or clashed up, but I get the nagging feeling that compared to the others it's just a little plain..

See? Pencil skirts are more than just work-wear. Vintage, bright, textured, patterned.. they come in any style you could think of, and all look flattering and gorgeous. I'm torn between the 3 ASOS skirts personally, they all create a statement, and will all be beautiful! I can't even use price as a deciding factor since they are all just £30 - or a little bit less with my student discount! I guess it all comes down to deciding which look I'm going for this AW, 40s or 70s.. Can't I do both?? See if I reach my decision in the next few weeks of what I'm buying. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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