Saturday, 6 August 2011

Trend V Classic

My last buys really got me thinking about my wardrobe, and about how much of it is seasonal, on-trend pieces that could go out of fashion in a few months, and how much of it I can keep wearing for years. Classic wardrobe staples are exactly that, staples, and I probably should own more! I usually prefer to spend my cash on statement pieces, or at least things that are bang on trend at that moment, whether that’s fringing, a little white dress, or brightly coloured jeans, instead of basics. I feel like I’m getting more for my money, if there’s detailing or a key shape that I’m snapping up, when really I might only wear it once! 

Lots of celebs wear their wardrobe staples on ‘off-duty’ days, like low profile shopping trips, and get applauded for knowing that simple styles can still look hot. I’d love to replicate this, but then again... they have award shows, A-list parties and premieres to wear their most fashion-forward looks, and all I’ve got is days out in town, or a few parties. Therefore, my highest fashion looks have to come out on the streets, leaving wardrobe basics for lazing around my house, or possibly toning down a bright, or patterned outfit. 

The first time I thought about this was when I was looking through my dresses for something to wear to a party, months and months ago, with the usual advice of ‘an LBD and heels always looks stunning’, only to realise I don’t own a single LBD. I’ve got over 30 dresses, and not one of them is that timeless fashion must-have. And don’t even get me started on my lack of basic tees and vests. Jeans are the only staple I haven’t scrimped on, and I still only have about 4 pairs. Aargh!

Suddenly, the latest purchases make soooooo much more sense. So far I’ve gotten a white shirt, and an obi belt, both of which are trans-seasonal and fit with most trends. I’m just lucky that masculine styling means I will also be uber-cool in the shirt too – not looking boring or simple, but clean, crisp and very du jour. The heritage look will also encourage simple staples, like a good coat, knee high boots and knits. While in the middle of a dilemma about investing in my wardrobe, so I have the vital pieces for later on already, or going all out to hit the hottest trends, there is finally a middle ground – thank God.

Of course, if you gave me £100 to spend in, say, Topshop, I’d walk out with some awesome 70s style items (I’m lusting after jewel tones, anything that sparkles, metallics and knee high boots), rather than some simple tees, but I’ll definitely give more wardrobe space to the staples, like the crisp white shirt, from now on. You might even see me in a few pared down outfits... Shock, horror, disaster!

In my opinion, statement pieces are key for staying a la mode, and every season there are some beautiful things that just have to make it into my wardrobe, but the right basics can make or break a look. For example, a black blazer can add structure and sharpen up a look, while the perfect handbag can last you a lifetime... I wouldn’t say it has to though! Balance is vital. Especially when you’ve gotta stretch your dosh, one classic item can be better than five that go out of fashion in a week. The trick is seeing which pieces are going to last...

Love and kisses, Tara xox

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