Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A little shopping trip today...

Instead of multi-posting my heart out, I'm going to make one super-duper-cool post about my little sejour into town today. First off, here's what I wore..

Top & Shoes & Ring - New Look; Skirt - River Island; Bracelet - Topshop; Bag - H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams.

And now this is what I bought..

Couldn't resist these tweed shorts, perfect for the heritage trend, or for mixing up androgynously. The piping is such a cute detail, and I bet you can't believe they're from Primark! Total bargain.

Okay, now these were just too cute. I haven't gotten over the tropicana theme that hit SS '11, & couldn't walk away from these purses when I saw them.. and then they were on sale. New Look, I love you.

Another little New Look find.. Ignore the fact that the picture is the wrong way up, the uploader is playing games with me! Star print is the new stripes, and as you will soon see as we head into chilly days, patterned tights are one of my fashion vices. Therefore, these are perfect for me.

This was actually a fairly restrained little trip I think you'll agree.. and thankyou to my wonderful mother for treating me when I ran out of cash! Still, looking forward to styling these little babies up & hitting the streets again. Sometimes, I honestly think I don't do enough things to wear all the looks I want, especially over summer. I always find that the majority of my wardrobe is MADE for summertime, but I'm either on holiday with limited rucky space, or just not doing anything.. Then in termtime I get to dress up every day :) Oooh, and here I go rambling again. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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