Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Star Style Obsession - Olivia Palermo

My star style obsessions so far have been quite varied in their style.. I get inspiration from anyone, anywhere who looks good, and since I love trying out different trends, it makes sense that I am inspired by people with different images. There's probably a running theme for style chameleons in my obsessions though, and the next girl is no different. Olivia Palermo isn't a singer, or actress, she's a New York socialite, and while I usually hate people who are famous without much reason, I love Olivia simply because she always looks amazing.

And she doesn't achieve it by sticking to a fashion formula, like an LBD, or always wearing hotpants (yes, I'm talking to you Pixie Lott), Olivia looks incredible because she takes risks. She changes her style every day. She isn't afraid to be a little bit different. Not quite Gaga-different, just quirky, unusual and always fashion-forward. Here are a few of my favourite Palermo looks, and I think you'll see what I mean..

First off, here's an amazing look from Cannes 2009 - I love the monochrome short suit, and the way she has still stamped her individuality on it with the neck tie. The simple up do and makeup is a perfect match for this smart ensemble.

And then another of my favourites came the very next day of the Cannes Film Festival 2009.. I love a good print dress, and the simple styling lets it speak for itself. Straight away you can see how much she changes her style, going from smart and boyish to girly and chic overnight - I aspire to be this much of a fashion chameleon.

It's not just events that Olivia shines at, her on-the-street wardrobe is impeccable too. Top to toe black is always a winning look, but I like that she hasn't just played on the safe side, mixing in textures with that faux fur gilet. And look, she's even being practical with flats! Girl after my own heart.

I'm pretty sure this many print clashes shouldn't work, but somehow on Olivia they do. It still hurts my eyes a little, but in a good way! And the bag is literally gorgeous. I think the secret to pulling this off is the minimal make up and simple, pulled-back hairstyle.

Clever accessorizing at its best here. Palermo knows that a bright printed scarf is perfect for adding interest to simple outfits. And that clutch has cropped up a few times, but I love it, so it's okay, and I love how she has echoed the brown tone with her shoes.

More clashing from Olivia, and yet again she pulls it off effortlessly where mere mortals would only commit fashion failures. This time I think the dark tone of it all makes it work, especially with the bolder makeup.

On the street and looking amazing again. The ruffled, feminine texture of the skirt is offset perfectly with the boxy jacket, and the detail on those shoes is just beautiful. 

But look, the girl doesn't just do in your face! This is an incredibly simple outfit, made brilliant by textures (yes I disapprove of leather, but she is rocking it), stand out heels and a sparkly clutch. That and her trademark gorgeous glossy hair and simple sweet makeup.

Like I said, I love a good print dress, and this one gets my seal of approval. Especially since it is a Zara piece - see, stars love high street too! Her opulent accessories add a luxe feel to the dress, and once again her simple hair means that even that purple fringed bag isn't too much. 

This kind of colour blocking is only for the brave. Not many could carry off this dress, I know I couldn't, but yet again, superhuman Palermo makes it look stunning. I think its the way she then sticks to the colours already on the dress when accessorizing.. Nice little style tip for pulling off bold looks, thankyou Olivia!

Fashion balls of steel are being displayed here. This could so easily be wandering into pyjama territory (printed trousers always remind me of PJs), but again, she makes it work. I think this is dividing fashion critics worldwide, but I personally admire her guts, and think once again her impeccable accessorizing means she looks incredible. Again. 

Argh. Total wardrobe envy just set in. But Olivia's amazing looks are never just about the clothes - her swishy, glossy hair complements every outfit, and her makeup is never OTT enough to steal attention away from what she wears. For me, it's the way she is perfectly polished and every outfit has been carefully thought about that makes her such a style queen, as well as her ability to pull off absolutely anything. Love this girl, and can't wait to see what she wears next. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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