Monday, 29 August 2011

Things I Need In My Wardrobe.. #4

As college is sneaking up on me again - I go back on September 7th - I've gone into a little bit of a panic about getting a new bag.. I'll be carrying it every day for about 9 months, something which nearly murdered last years bag, so it needs to be practically sized, easy to carry, and look awesome with everything. So next up on my wishlist is... THE LADYLIKE BAG.

Ladylike accessories were all over the catwalk, as they work perfectly with pretty much any of the new season trends - either with tailored jackets and trousers for boy-meets-girl, worn with jewel hues for 70s chic, or with 40s style dresses, or even with dark florals. There is no way I can get through AW '11 without snapping up one of these multitasking beauties. And the easiest way to tap into the prim, ladylike look that accessories are all about, is a great handbag - college is just the biggest excuse to get a new one!

£40.00, Oasis
I fell for this bag as soon as I saw it! The gorgeous mustard hue is a straight out of the new AW colour palette, while the shape is elegant yet simple and the ostrich style looks very retro - and it's non leather. Such a bargain too, especially if you work out the cost-per-wear. The only issue is size.. no measurements on the site, so I'd have to buy it in store to be sure (which is difficult in the back of beyond) and even then if could be too small.

 £35.00, ASOS
Yet again, one of my first stops on the bag hunt was ASOS, and I wasn't disappointed. This bag is beautiful all over - from the mock croc style to the soft blue colour and gold fastenings.. again, size is my only issue. 28cm high, 33cm long...

 £36.00, Topshop
Topshop always have gorgeous bags, and this is no exception. Again the red colour is straight out of the hottest AW colour palette, and the simple shape is ladylike chic at its best. H=32cm, L=30cm.. apparently sizing is going to be my biggest issue.

 £35.00, Miss Selfridge
Cream isn't my favourite colour in the world.. but there's no denying that this bag is the perfect ladylike shape and pattern. It's also bigger than the others, since it is an overnight bag, with measurements of H=33cm, W=44cm, D=18cm.

 £35.00, Miss Selfridge
This bag is very similar to the Oasis one, with the light colour and ostrich finish, and that's probably why I like it so much! The little heart tag is very cute, and it would be a perfect, elegant addition to any outfit. It's also got measurements of H=25cm, W=39cm, D=16cm, meaning it just might be big enough..

 £50.00, River Island
The most expensive so far, this bag is absolutely stunning. Non leather, beautiful colours and fastenings, and a gorgeously ladylike shape - and at the cost-per-wear over 9 months, the price is actually quite reasonable. The size is also pretty generous - H=36cm, W=37cm.

 £19.99, New Look
The cheapest option, this is still beautiful with the differing leather and croc finishes, and the sweet little padlock. However, it is only 25cm high and 33cm long, and I find that particular shade of brown a bit unnattractive - had it been in mustard or lighter tan, I would already be racing to the shops.

£45.00, River Island
I just couldn't resist putting this stunning bag in. The jade colour is absolutely beautiful, as is the unusual bamboo style handle and the tassel detail. It's just so unusual and unique, perfect for adding a luxe feel to any outfit. H=29cm, W=31cm, so it just might be big enough.. but there is always the issue of whether it'll be strong enough, and whether the handle is comfortable enough to carry every day.

 The only downside about buying a handbag for college is the practicality of it! After looking at all of these gorgeous bags, the decision is still difficult, because if I fall in love with a colour or style, you can bet it will be too small, or not sturdy enough to cope with all the junk I carry around for college (I'm talking A4 folders, refill pads, textbooks..). Disappointingly.

Out of all of those bags, it is hard to pick a favourite, and if I end up with any of them I'll be ridiculously happy, and buzzing about carrying it every day. The leaders of the pack for me are the mustard Oasis bag, the two River Island bags and the blue ASOS bag. I'm off to town tomorrow, so I can try and hunt down the 2 River Island bags, but the other two I could only buy online.. and having just measured a folder to find out it is H=24cm, L=32cm, buying without trying makes me nervous. If only I didn't have to tote so much stuff around..

Pretty soon you'll see which bag I end up with for college, hopefully one of these gorgeous bags on the list! It's also highly tempting just to buy one as a new handbag, even if I don't desperately need one.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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