Monday, 22 August 2011

Fashion Confession.

I feel bad, after yesterday's silence, so here's a little fashion confession for you all..

I have lots of clothes I've never worn, but I still want more.

And that is probably why my mum says I don't need any more clothes.. And yes, I feel guilty about owning stuff and letting it go to waste in my drawers/wardrobe, but often there just hasn't been the opportunity to wear it! Some beautiful things are just waiting patiently for their occasion, and everything has one - whether it's tomorrow, this year, 2030.. whenever. Everything will get worn eventually, and look fab when it does! I know, you're probably going to say if you didn't have an occasion in mind when you bought it, you didn't need it. Possibly true. But I like to have options! I like to have a little piece of all the trends, and when I find that perfect piece, I'll snap it up. Yes, want and need are different things  - but to me, you can never have enough clothes.

I'll warn you, there's another reason I double-posted today - I fly to Madrid this evening! While that does mean an amazing city break, some actual sunshine & the chance to soak up some European style, it also means I might be unable to post until Saturday! Urgh.If you follow me on twitter @odjstyle I shall do my best to keep tweeting whenever I have WiFi.. and I promise a huge post of outfits and style and cute finds when I get back. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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  1. Hehe, nice post. If you will wear it then why not wait til the right time! :)
    P.s. Have fun in Madrid xx