Monday, 22 August 2011

What I Wore.. Yesterday.

Yes, yesterday it was all silent on the blog front.. but with good reason! I went up to London with my friend for the day, and was out from 7.15am-9.45am. I know, I know, that's hardly late, but I was SO tired.. anyway, here comes my London day-tripping outfit..

Top - New Look; Shorts - Reverse; Blazer - Topshop; Tights & Ring - Primark; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Shoes - Lime; Bracelets - Topshop & ASOS.

The picture isn't the most amazing one, I'll admit, but we were rushing to catch the bus! I felt a little bit random and eclectic yesterday with the patterns etc, but the blazer pulls it all together. Literally one of my best buys ever.

Shockingly for me, I didn't buy very much in London (I know, collective jaw-dropping), but the main reason we went wasn't shopping.. it was to go to an exhibition! My friend asked me because it would be perfect research for her photography project, and since it was an exhibition of old Hollywood photos, it was right up my street too.. It's at the National Portrait Gallery, and called Glamour of the Gods. Seriously, check it out if you love old Hollywood, or if you just love a bit of glamour and fashion.

Of course, after the exhibition, we hit Oxford Street - when in London, it's a must - but we didn't get very far! After a quick lunch, we managed to browse H&M, then got sucked into the amazingness that is Topshop Oxford Circus. It is literally the shop of my dreams. Topshop is my favourite shop anyway, so 4 floors of it is heaven - but then it is so much better than all the stores down here.. so many gorgeous concessions, a WAH nail bar, a Hershesons blow dry bar, The Powder Lounge brow and lash bar, a little cafe.. and then further up, two things we couldn't resist. One, Lola's cupcakes - possibly the most beautiful little cakes ever. Two, FRAE frozen yogurt - healthier than ice cream, totally yummy, and with amazing toppings (we had strawberry, granola & oreos). Then I just about had time to buy some earrings before we hot-footed it back to the bus station and came back to the West Country.

One thing I've learned from today is that a day is not enough - next time I'll need a good shopping weekend in London! Hopefully that can be arranged soon! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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