Thursday, 18 August 2011

Star Style Obsessions - Lady Gaga.

Yes, for my third style obsession I have chosen the one woman guaranteed to top best and worst dressed lists - Lady Gaga herself. You might say, well why is she a style icon? Her clothes are impossible for us mere mortals to wear, and besides, underneath all of the clothes and makeup, nobody knows what she actually looks like. Well, for starters she has balls of steel when it comes to clothes. No heel is too high, no material too weird, and more is always more for Gaga. She is always individual, and while her entire outfits aren't really wearable, she has critics and fans alike watching her every fashion step and is never afraid to just be herself. There's something we should all try to do - dress however we want, whenever we want. Another reason I love her is that she never wears the same outfit twice, like I try to as well, and she is a total style chameleon.

Before I rave on & on about why Gaga is amazing, here are some of my favourite looks..

I absolutely love this Grammy's look. Totally out of this world, and almost too sweet to be Gaga, but then you see the monster heels and spike accessory.. Red carpets are just an excuse to go wild, and she never disappoints. I also love the uber-blonde hair with yellow in it!

A bit of an older look here, before Gaga went totally.. gaga.. Not that this isn't totally eccentric though! But this is my favourite simply because she is a human discoball, with directional shapes and a matching mask. So much sparkle and shine is always a hit with me - told you I was a magpie.

On stage again, in another silver, directional creation for her Monster Ball tour. It's not just the shine that attracted me, those major heels are incredible too, and this picture makes me want to attack my fishnets to achieve that rebel-cool look she's got going on on her legs.

This Alexander McQueen dress divided critics, well personally I LOVE it. It's the perfect dress for Gaga, she stands out as usual, but the colours and prints are gorgeous enough to be appreciated by us of the normal clothes. The headpiece is a typical twist of hers, and it helps make this outfit original.. that and the ice-blue-and-lilac hair - only the lady herself could pull this off.

I have a lot against leather, but Lady Gaga has a bit of a penchant for it. Probably because it is fierce, rebellious and edgy-cool just like her. She also has a knack for looking like she forgot her trousers.. but she looks so good I can't bring myself to criticise her for it. The studs and chains all add to the rebel look.

See through is not a problem for Gaga. And hey, she's got a pretty amazing figure, so why not? Of course I would never wear something like that (lacking the confidence to start with) but as I said, she is never afraid. Same goes for those OTT studs and embellishments, and the turquoise hair. For most normal people, it would all be too much, but I adore her more-is-more attitude.

And she will never do anything by halves. The top-to-toe houndstooth somehow looks amazing on her, even including the sunglasses that I'm not sure she can see through. I'm also wondering if I can get my little paws on those tights - too cute.

Another eccentric outfit while doing promotion in China. Those signature monster heels are back, and I love the leopard print accents to the red outfit. Also admiring her bravery for the monochrome hair!

Finally, a Gaga look that we could all pull off. Snakeskin is very du jour, and the simple heels, belt and shades combo to accessorize are almost normal - bar the spikes on the sunglasses! I'm thinking this outfit will soon be replicated by fashion-lovers, and little monsters. 

Of course, no Gaga style love-in is complete without some of her video costumes. As you might have guessed, I have a bit of a thing for Americana, so naturally I love this look from the Telephone video.

Even Gaga is working androgyny, albeit skeleton androgyny, during the Born This Way video. A tux is classic and cool, and contrasts well with the candyfloss hair.. and then you've gotta love her originality on the makeup.

Playing Mary Magdalen in the Judas video was always going to be an excuse to dress up, but Gaga's done it her own way, in a sheer outfit with blue cape and headgear. I love this, just because she isn't afraid to annoy people and push boundaries. Oh, and her eye makeup in the video is amazing.

Just when you think she's done everything, Gaga goes cyborg. Stylishly, of course. The all-black outfit is very cool, and I love the mesh, net style hat and the silver edged sunnies (necessary with that blazing blue sky) while the cyborg pieces are a total twist. This is from the You And I video, recently released, and another reason why Gaga is one of my style obsessions. Go check it out..

So there you have it. She's original, always changing her look, and always bringing new things to the fashion table. Add to that an immense amount of bravery, confidence and kookiness, and you can clearly see that Gaga is a complete icon. To her, fashion is art, and so every outfit is a perfectly planned masterpiece. I WISH that I had the confidence/wardrobe to dress like Lady Gaga, but for now I am content to watch from afar and let her inspire me. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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