Saturday, 10 September 2011

Basically all I do is shop.

Or it looks that way at least! I'm just a big believer in retail therapy. And there's something exciting and beautiful about new clothes.. that moment when something gorgeous is yours, you know it looks awesome, and that when you wear it for the first time you'll get a load of compliments.. now that is a brilliant feeling. And probably why I spend so much, and hate re-wearing outfits. Anyway, today was a good little catch-up with one of my school friends who actually stayed at my school sixth-form, while I disappeared to a distant college. I hadn't seen her in forever, so a shopping trip was perfect. I wore..

Top, Hat & Shoes - New Look; Shorts - Blue Miss; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Tights - Primark; Necklace - Accessorize; Ring - Parfois.
Again, my uncanny skill of dressing totally impractically struck today - that hat was a mistake what with the silly wind we have around here. Damn you winter! However, I love that hat, so I don't regret wearing it. A stranger even told me it was nice - what more proof do you need that it rocks?! I felt a little black today, but at least the bag brightened it up!

Of course, on a shopping trip you don't just wear, you buy. Although I was very restrained once again, only getting an insanely cute jumper from New Look..

Again, sorry for the photo quality, the light in my room sucks! It's a bit more purple in real life - but isn't the pattern and metallic-y thread so gorgeous?! And how can I say no when it is so sweet, and has 10% off with my student discount. Seriously worthwhile being a student. Anyway, I think I can be applauded for my restraint, especially since I got paid at the end of August, as well as getting money for doing well on my exams, AND my usual pocket money! I have to buy things while I can afford them - work is getting quite quiet in the boring autumn months.. apparently nobody fancies an October wedding.. But anyway, I'm setting myself up for those colder, poorer months now so that I can look good and actually be warm. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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