Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Star Style Obsession - Kylie Minogue

I realised I haven't obsessed about any celebrity fashion for oh, weeks now - my bad. Now, anyone who knows me personally probably knows that I have the world's biggest girl crush on Kylie. I mean I literally died of happiness when I saw her live (front row, love my life). It's been several years now, and I cannot put my finger on the exact reason why I am so crazy about her, but I am! It's a combination of factors I think. While I am well aware most people my age aren't into her music, I love it.. I'm a real pop princess at heart. And the fact that she has been having hit after hit for so long.. One thing I can definitely say about her is that she always looks AMAZING. And I'm not even joking. From street, to red carpet, to stage, every look is 100% gorgeous, glamorous and stylish. I'll give you a chance to look for yourselves now, before you fall asleep on the keyboard during my post..

Throwing an oldie out there to start.. Firstly, the block fringe is super-cute, and secondly, that jewel toned purple J'Aton Couture dress suits her right down to the ground (ouch. unintentional pun I swear.). Love the split up the leg, it flashes just the right amount of flesh.

I actually dream about looking this flawless. Black seems to be a go-to colour for Kylie, and I think we all know why - she looks stunning! This may be a few years old, but the little black lace dress is still an incredibly hot item.. made even more impressive by the fact she looks about 25, not 40-something!

See what I mean about a go-to style? But hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! The details make this look so cute - the slightly cut shoulders, the tasselled shoes and glitzy earrings & ring. That and the dazzling smile that pulls the whole outfit together!

This has been one of my favourite looks of miss Minogue's for ages, ever since she wore it! That black dress has amazing detail, and nothing screams siren like leopard print. The gold accessories are also ridiculously glamorous, as is the dramatic makeup.. All together she looks simply radiant - and so she should, that's an amazing outfit.

More recent now, and still looking glowing in this blue and gold Grecian ensemble that makes an incredible statement! The jewellery stands out perfectly, and the deep blue of the dress complements her golden skin tone completely. Now tell me, does this lady ever look bad?

And I'll answer: no, she permanently looks awesome! Not many people have the skin tone to pull of lemon yellow, but Kylie's doing it with ease. Leopard print is making another appearance in this outfit, again radiating glamour. I know, I know, so far we've only seen her looking undeniably gorgeous at events, probably put together by stylists and makeup artists etc..

But look, here's off-duty Kylie, looking just as glamorous, sophisticated and downright beautiful as ever! That bag is totally lust-worthy, and I love the way she's not scared to wear a maxi, despite being petite like me.. even if she does wear major heels to do it. The obligatory sunnies are also achingly stylish.

And it's not just summer styling that she's got nailed, winter is a breeze when you have her innate style.. and possibly thousands of pounds of designer gear. I am a bit obsessed with this coat - not only does it look gorgeously warm and cosy, but it looks totally on-trend and chic, especially with those long boots. If only I could look this good all cuddled up in a coat - I should be so lucky! (Couldn't resist that little gag.)

This was taken only a few weeks ago in London - look how effortlessly she copes with the indecisive transitional weather. All black, skinny trousers, stunning piped mac (ignoring the fact that Pippa Middleton wore it first) and classic bag. And just how does she look so stunning without makeup? Intensely jealous right now!

Cool and casual on the street in a very du jour outfit of jeans and a leopard print shirt, pulled together with tan accessories and a huge luxe black bag. I wish I could look this effortless and gorgeous every day!

I couldn't obsess over Kylie's style without putting up a picture of her stage style. She has arguably the best stage costumes in the business - always glittering, glamorous, possibly over the top and completely stunning. This is from the Aphrodite - Les Folies tour, the first outfit the crowd saw her in (and the moment I nearly died of heart failure). It's an incredible goddess dress, in keeping with the Aphrodite title, making her look like she just came down from Olympus, and check out those insane glittering gladiators! Plus the mini-wings are just the kind of cute detail that makes this truly unique.

This isn't exactly an outfit, but as you know, Americana was one of my favourite trends, and she looks so gorgeous I couldn't leave this one out.

See, she never looks bad! And always looks so on-trend, while being age appropriate and flattering her shape. It doesn't hurt that Kylie looks way, way younger than her actual age of 43 (who cares if she's had 'help'?), and has a dazzling signature smile. She does have go-to styles, like an LBD or leopard print, but it's good that she knows exactly what works for her - yet doesn't shy away from experimenting and standing out from the crowd a bit. Anyway, as I think you can see, I love her style, and her, and will try to emulate her as best as a brunette, non-rich, non-superstar can! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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