Sunday, 4 September 2011

Amazing new discovery!

If there's one new beauty product lighting up the makeup scene right now, it's this one. After hearing about it & seeing it in one magazine I went out and bought it, thinking that if it was as good as it is supposed to be I will have found an essential to blow the others out of the water. Having bought it, I am now seeing it in EVERY fashion magazine I read, all touting it as an incredible product. It is.. drum roll please..

Garnier Miracle Skin Protector Daily All-In-One BB Cream!

Hell of a long name there, but basically it is a new kind of foundation that is meant to even out your skin tone, boost glow and blur blemishes and even fine lines - all for £9.99. And just to clue you in, although unless you've been living in a beauty cave for the past month or so you'll know already, BB means Blemish Balm, something that has been a huge phenomenon in the Asian beauty market for a few years already and is now storming from Hollywood celebrities to beauty junkies worldwide. Of course, when something promises results like this one does, you take it with a pinch of salt and don't expect it to be miraculous, but even so, I just had to try it. The promise of a new kind of product with this kind of a buzz for a price I could actually afford was just too tempting!

Anyway, I finally gave it a go today (after wimping out and going with my usual Revlon foundation for the past two weeks), and I am hooked. Totally love it. I've noticed lately that my skin could do with a bit of waking up, and it looks like this has done it! Like my old Revlon foundation it comes in Light or Medium, not actual shades, and blends to your skin tone, which is a feature I look for specifically because I find my skin changes shades over the year thanks to tanning, then that same tan fading. When putting it on I found a little goes a long way, another bonus - there's nothing worse than an amazing product that runs out after a few weeks and ends up costing loads to keep using. And the results were brilliant! With this foundation I barely needed any extra concealer on blemishes, not even under my eyes to wake me up, and my skin tone looked even and glowy all over, as well as feeling supersoft. (Can't comment on the blurring of fine lines because I'm too young for wrinkles!)

So that's settled. This new BB cream has edged its way into my makeup bag for good. And for once, it seems that the promised results weren't just hype, they are actually true! I'll be wearing this every day now, whatever I do, wherever I go because it is literally incredible. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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