Friday, 9 September 2011

Little trip to Cardiff..

Unfortunately, this wasn't a shopping trip, there was the serious business of Cardiff University open day to attend to. I went up on the train with two of my friends, and it was actually pretty fun - and the campus & courses look really good.. Another one to apply for then! Here's what I wore.. and look, it's weather appropriate for once!

Top - New Look; Skirt - River Island; Blazer - Topshop; Shoes - Lime; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Bracelet - Pandora; Ring - ASOS.
Two things I want to say about this look.. One - the weather is so depressing, the only way I could cheer myself up was a bit of colour-clashing, which is totally not over.. Two - yes, I wear my blazer A LOT, but that's because it goes with everything, literally. Oh, and I felt short but practical in flat shoes today. (I know that's three, but the last one just popped into my head.)

Now, I'm not going to lie to you, although I was in Cardiff for the university, when you're with 2 friends and walking from the uni to the station takes you via the main shopping street, you really have no choice but to shop. Especially when there's a giant Topshop. (Not quite as amaze-balls as the one in London, but still awesome.) And after reflecting that I own no LBDs - practically a crime - I couldn't pass this one by..

Bit of a poor photo, sorry about that, but still.. it's gorgeous. It's an LBD so of course it will last forever, and be a total go-to dress for looking awesome whenever, but the detailing at the top stops it being totally bland and boring. Plus the fact that it is an actual petite dress, so it fits me properly for once! Just could not resist it, and can't wait to wear it. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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