Sunday, 11 September 2011

Things I Need In My Wardrobe.. #5

My shopping wishlist continues.. And no, I still haven't gotten everything I wanted so far! But as you've seen, that doesn't mean I haven't been buying anything. Anyway, the next thing I'm wanting is.. THE PRINTED KNIT.

Namely, a cute, chunky knitted piece, in a gorgeous print. I'm being quite specific with what I want, but I actually need a patterned knit to brighten up dull winter days, while being practical and snuggly. Whether it comes as a Navajo-style piece, cutesy fairisle, or more South American, it'll be the kind of thing I live in all winter! Now to find one I love/can actually afford!

£34.99, New Look
This chunky cardigan is ridiculously cute, and looks so cosy I could just curl up in it and fall asleep - and the bright Aztec pattern is gorgeous. I love the duffle-style fastenings too, they make this just a little bit different.

£25, ASOS
Once more, the cool people at ASOS have perfectly hit the trend, and what I want, with this fringed, Intarsia pattern cape. It's even a reasonable price! I absolutely love the colours and patterns, the only thing I'm worried about is feeling like I'm wearing a blanket.

£55, Warehouse on ASOS
Gotta love the standout print on this cardigan, it's simply awesome! Totally eye-catching piece, and perfect for jazzing up some otherwise dull wintery outfits, it'll look amazing with plain jeans and a vest, or you could clash it.

£85, Minkpink on ASOS
This is another really individual piece that could be worn so many different ways. Although the print is eye-catching, I think it lacks colour, and besides, a long poncho on a short girl like me is a recipe for disaster! Plus the fact that I don't have £85 to spend on it!

£60, Topshop
This print is just so sweet, I'd love to have this regardless. However, I'm just not sure a short cardigan will be warm enough, or if it is exactly what I'm looking for.

£65, Topshop
Even more expensive than the last one, I know, but this is pretty much perfect! Chunky, patterned, warm, snuggly - this ticks practically all the boxes. If it was only in bright colours, and about half the price I would already be buying it.

£50, River Island
Totally cute shape, and the autumnal colours do work pretty well on this chunky kimono cardigan. I'm just not sold on it because I am a slave to bright patterns!

£39, Miss Selfridge
Love the bright red colour and sweet fairisle print, this would be a perfect addition to any AW wardrobe!

£55, Miss Selfridge
This is actually gorgeous. I love the bright patterned shapes and super-snuggly chunky style - yet again, if only it wasn't so expensive! Well, expensive to me - a piece needs to radiate affordable before it makes it into my wardrobe.

Not sold on the black and white pattern, but I do love the flattering waterfall shape. It's also a serious bargain, and if I wanted monochrome, it would be mine already.

So, there are the best pattern knits I could hunt down today, and it's safe to say that if some fairy godmother decided to give them all to me, I'd be insanely happy. But as it is, I've got to whittle the list down to just one to buy.. oh I hate this part! Decisions have never been my strong point.

I think my favourites are the New Look Aztec cardigan, the ASOS Intarsia cape, the Topshop Navajo cardigan and the Miss Selfridge Aztec cardigan - just by the look and style. Both the Topshop & Miss Selfridge cardigans are too pricey for my little purse, so if I'm honest, it's a toss-up between the New Look cardi and the ASOS cape. I'm leaning towards the cardigan, because then I won't feel like I'm wearing a blanket, and it'll be more practical - plus it looks warmer. OMG - that sounds like a decision! Now I've just got to go to town again soon and try snap it up! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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