Monday, 12 September 2011

College is in full swing..

After last week's admittedly pathetic start, all courses are fired up and trying to cram my head full of stuff (no easy task considering there's 5 of them, and my head is full of rubbish), in preparation for the big scary A2 exams. But that's no reason to ignore my wardrobe. I'm not going to slowly kill you with torturous moaning about college - as a wise man once said.. always look on the bright side of life! (Monty Python I think..) Instead of focussing on the fact I'm up at 6.30 every morning for pretty much full days of education, I'm going to enjoy the chance to wear awesome outfits as often as possible. Silver linings.

Dress - Next (but an ebay find!); Shoes - New Look; Tights - Primark; Bag - River Island; Bracelet - Pandora; Ring - ASOS.
Feeling a little bit retro today, a 40s tea dress with a modern twist - star print! - as well as seam back tights (take my word for it) and cutesy shoes. I just had to add a red lip for a pop of colour.. too much black otherwise - even with the beautiful bag! Again though, my practical-ness is in doubt - it was cold again today what with the tail end of that hurricane hitting the UK, & of course I had no jacket. Windswept, shivery and interesting was my look of the day.

Also just wanted to point out my nails.. I did them yesterday, and got a fair few comments today about how cute they were! Unfortunately, the polish was a magazine freebie from a few months back so you can't snap it up, but try Barry M for a similar gorgeous minty green. As you may have noticed, I rarely go plain and simple with my nails, it's either a cute colour or interesting pattern, so this is about as conservative as it gets. I'm rambling now, so I'll see you again tomorrow with my style, love and kisses, Tara xox

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