Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Star Style Obsession - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a country pop sensation, and I am totally in love with her music because her lyrics are so easy to relate to - pretty much every time I feel a strong emotion, she has a song for it, and an amazing one at that! Anyway, another reason I adore Miss Swift is that she simply always looks magical. There are no other words. In her style there is something reminiscent of a Hollywood screen siren, all retro marcelle curls and killer red lipstick.. she has nailed a look that will never, ever go out of fashion. And on days off she still works a red pout, or some unspeakably cute clothes that make me lust after her entire wardrobe. I am in awe of the amount of gorgeous dresses that must be living in her wardrobe.. and let's be honest, this run-down of my favourite looks is dominated by them. But it's okay, because Taylor shows us all a thing or two about how to look perfectly beautiful every single day.

To kick off the celebration of Taylor's gorgeous style, here's a beautiful red dress classically & flawlessly accessorized with gold - simply stunning, right? And her signature beauty look of retro waves and a red lip only add to the intensely glamorous appearance.. I'm very jealous of her right now!

Another incredible dress - she's not afraid to unleash her inner princess! Taylor totally has the right attitude towards big events.. why not go all out when you know you'll look amazing. I like to think I share this view, that being overdressed is always better than underdressed. I just can't get enough of this gorgeous, glittering dress, which is basically the Disney princess dream dress - but even in that dress, not many people could look as flawless as Taylor.

I am totally in love with this dramatic look! The dress by itself is a huge statement, while the nude and black lace overlay is a classically sexy style, the sheer drama of the floor-sweeping train takes it to the next level. And then the gorgeous, swept-up hairstyle and vampish red lipstick shoots it into fashion heaven, cementing Taylor's status as a style icon.

Swift is a fellow fashion magpie, and knows that a glittering dress is always a show-stopper - this mini is no exception, especially when matched up with equally elegant, glitzy shoes. But the thing that catches my eye first about this photo is the lack of retro curls, replaced by sleek, straight hair and a sexy fringe. Personally, although I adore her romantic curly hair, I wish she rocked a straight mane more often! And not just because I am devoted to my straighteners, but because she looks so grown up, stylish and gorgeous.

Another day, another glamorous, dazzling dress. Yes, I am insanely jealous of her wardrobe. The combination of amazing dress + curls + lipstick feels like a little bit of a fashion formula, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it! The subtle variations, like looser, side-swept hair and the column style maxi length make this look just different enough from her other glittering styles, and of course she looks breathtaking.

Possibly the most recent of my pick of Taylor's looks, she's a golden girl in this beautiful, sparkling dress and matchy-matchy gold shoes. Yet again, the killer pout and up-do put vintage Hollywood style in mind - I can't help thinking she should have been a movie star in the 20s or something! Simply beautiful. I just love that while she looks show-stopping at every public event, she doesn't feel the need to jump on the bandwagon of every trend going. Taylor knows that classically gorgeous styles work on her, and therefore always looks amazing - and avoids looking dull and same-y with new twists every time.

Out on the street and looking cute as ever, this cherry print dress and cardi combo is perfect sweet street style. Dresses aren't just for events - they should be every girl's go-to feel-good look!

Even out shopping, Taylor looks sweet and retro. I love the popping colour and the cute kitten heels, which, when paired with a dress in a classic retro shape, give her ensemble a vintage feel that is just too gorgeous. Seriously, Taylor Swift always looks amazing. Fact.

This dress is just too beautiful to ignore. I know, I know, this is practically a wishlist of perfect dresses as much as an homage to Taylor, but honestly, look at her. The blue perfectly suits her skin tone, while the bow detail is just the right amount of cute and quirky to make this look individual, and the gold is echoed in her shoes and even in her shiny hair. Plus metallics are still a huge trend this season, so she still looks very du jour.

Shock, horror, disaster. My favourite looks are from this point not dresses! This Breton top & skater skirt combination is flawless airport style - bright, but still classic, and comfortable enough to fly in. Even her cute nude shoes are practical.. girl after my own heart. And if I ever look this good on a flight, I'll know I've made it in the fashion stakes.

Proving she isn't just a screen-siren type style icon, Taylor shows off her cutesy, quirky side in this panda jumper. Said jumper is only reinforcing my current knitwear obsession. And the side plait, skirt and tights make this look off duty comfort dressing at its best. I also love the way she has drawn '13' on her hand - it is famously her lucky number.

My final favourite look of Taylor's contains another cute jumper - want, want, want! This look totally nails cute, autumnal dressing.. simple jeans, gorgeous bag, practical-yet-beautiful boots and a red lip work perfectly with the oversize jumper to create a relaxed look that still comes across as polished. I think I'll be copying this fashion formula in times to come..

Now, if you still don't see why Taylor is a total style queen, you never will. I love that on days off she looks like a totally normal, American girl and doesn't seem to need to wear wacky clothes to get noticed - just working a sweet dress or jumper is enough. Yes, I am admiring her simple, cute style, when one of my major icons is Lady Gaga.. split style personality much?! While Swift doesn't need crazy get-ups to get noticed, she does enjoy dressing up - even in the few favourite looks above she looks quite different, going from sultry and dramatic through to glittering princess, and perfectly illustrating one of my favourite things about fashion.. the ability to dress up, change your character every day depending upon your mood. Your personal style can change radically from day to day because you are not the same every day - but it can still look cohesive, and essentially 'you', as Taylor proves. Absolutely love this girl. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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