Saturday, 17 September 2011

Is it bad that shopping is my main extra-curricular activity?

I used to be a gymnast, with training 3 times a week not leaving much time to do anything else.. However, that all ended a good few months ago, and now I find that if I'm not working the only thing I do is shop! It's either meeting friends in town, pounding the pavements with my mum (because she's like a best friend too) or just happening to be near shops wherever I go.. So it won't shock you that I was out in Taunton today spend-spend-spending then. It's a dangerous habit, I'll tell you! Not only do I want more clothes pretty much every time I read a magazine and see the latest pieces hitting the AW scene, but I take it upon myself to look awesome whenever I go shopping too - leading to a necessity for more things to keep creating my outfits.. Some people probably don't 'get' my shopping obsession, but I just love the feeling of new clothes. Plus spending money on my card doesn't feel real.. so the pricetag isn't so important. And I can cheekily count it as excercise - walking + carrying heavy objects (if you buy enough) = the perfect combo of cardio and weights.

So, here's what I wore out shopping today..

Blazer & Long Necklace - Topshop; Top - New Look; Shorts - Blue Miss; Tights & Short Necklace - Accessorize; Shoes - Lime; Bag - H! by Henry Holland; Bracelet & Ring - Primark.
Part of me hasn't quite let go of summer - even though I love AW11 style, my fetish for florals gained over the summer just won't fade! Luckily, this season they just need a darker background (like these tights) et voila.. flowers are not over. I also won't quite sink to wearing a coat in September.. I am resolutely saying it's not cold enough, even though I got wind-blasted today. Besides, if I did, what would I wear in the middle of December? Two coats?

I am prepared to admit that I need layers though, and chunky ones at that, which is part of the reasoning behind treating myself to some gorgeous autumn-wear today. It's not escaped my attention that in the early hours of the morning (okay, 7.45am) it feels sub-zero while I wait for the bus, so the tiny part of me that buys clothes for function has won out - although the rest of me made sure they were as on-trend as possible!

First up, yes, I have finally gotten some knee high boots! I have been craving some ever since I saw that 60s, 70s and heritage were big AW trends.. but finding them has been a nightmare. Not only do I have a budget, but I don't wear leather and am quite tiny - meaning that other pairs have been too high or wide on my poor little legs! These featured in my original boots wishlist, and after looking at every pair possible I decided I was right the first time - these New Look beauties are ideal. And with 20% student discount, I didn't stop there..

You might recognise this chunky knit from my latest wishlist.. well, the wish is reality now! What with the 20% off and trying it on to realise it was gorgeous, I just had to get this. And it will be so cosy that I might even fall asleep on the bus. New Look is officially one of my favourite shops - it's defiantly high-street, full of undeniably gorgeous clothes and loves students.

I couldn't resist these jeans either - total impulse buy! The picture quality is a bit awful, don't know what's up with the light.. but these are actually a more burgundy-wine-red than in-your-face-red, a bit more of a tonal, autumn colour. They are also a total steal from the New Look Generation 915 kids department! Yes, I had a bit of a spree in New Look. And yes, I'm so small that I fit into age 12 jeans. Let's just move on from that, shall we? Coloured jeans are a perfect update for denims this season, a celeb favourite, and just a little more interesting than blue. This burgundy colour is also straight out of the AW colour palette, meaning it will look bang on-trend with chunky knits or girlie blouses - okay, they're my new denim BFFs.

I called it a day there in New Look, and dashed off to Primark to pick up some tights to replace the two pairs I ripped on Thursday (still pretty livid about that). I basically get all of my tights in Primark because A, they are SO cheap and B, they actually have awesome patterns! Loved this stocking style pair as soon as I saw them - hello warm, stylish legs.

On the list of things to be, warm is followed closely by dry, so it's no wonder I decided to pick up this sweet umbrella while I was in Primark. The fact that we got caught in the rain without one was probably a mitigating factor though.. it reminded me that my old faithful is on its last legs (if it had any), and this bow print one is the perfect replacement. Stylish, compact, and with a practical handle, this one ticks all the boxes.

Pretty good haul today, I'd say! Cannot wait to get be able to wear it all - and luckily I won't have to because Monday is only two short days away (or less, since it's Saturday afternoon!) and I'll be springing back into college. Honestly, where has the day gone? I should have gotten so much done already.. Meaning I'm going to love you and leave you, because somehow I don't think blogging is an acceptable excuse for not doing my coursework. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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