Monday, 5 September 2011

I'll give anything a go once..

Apparently once you start trying new products, you can't stop! Unlike yesterday's test run of the Miracle Skin Perfecter (which I used again today, and still love), I wasn't looking out for this when I picked it up. Of course, I had a vague idea that it was a good product, but I wasn't desperate to try it. You might have noticed that one thing missing from my beauty essentials was a bronzer.. well, that's because I always preferred blusher for scultpting my cheekbones, and because I could never find one the right shade - and after going out once or twice orange I had been firmly put off.

Until this one just happened to catch my eye as I was out shopping. I'd heard of it, but not seen it, so I thought I'd take a closer look & a quick test..

And what I was drawn to was W7's Africa Bronzing Powder! I'd always thought that if I was going to buy a bronzer, I'd save up and get one of the amazing Benefit ones (all of their makeup is insanely gorgeous and miraculous), but this one has such a good rep that I had to test it once I saw it. And it seemed like a great buy in the shop, really too good to pass up, so I got it. I was swayed by the soft colours (the pink means it has an element of blush and won't be too orange), the Benefit-style block it comes in, the applicator that comes with it and of course the bargain price of £4.

I've said it seemed great in the shop, but as I found out today it not only seems amazing, it IS amazing. I've never found a suitable bronzer because I am so pale most of the time, but this one is perfect. That applicator brush only picks up small amounts so that you get light sculpting and it is practically impossible to OD, while the soft, peach-bronze colour highlights cheeks and adds a soft glow wherever applied. Also, because of the effectiveness of even a teeny-tiny sweep of it, this one will last ages - so cost-per-application is going to be in the £0.00000000006 region. Total steal, but totally amazing. This has convinced me that bronzer is not just for that tango-orange glow, but can actually look subtle and sweet. Now who knows what I'll try next? Love and kisses, Tara xox

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