Sunday, 18 September 2011

Keeping my skin in tip-top condition means work..

I've just realised that you know how I maintain my hair, and you know exactly what makeup I wear, but you don't know the skincare regime I swear by.. well, time to fix that. Skincare is vital for me because I have irritating combination skin, ranging from dry to oily - which is really annoying! It makes it difficult to find products that actually work, and it means that missing a day in the regime has a huge effect. I'll start by explaining what I use in order, and why it has won its prestigious place in my bathroom.

The first thing that goes onto my face in the morning (aside from breakfast crumbs if I've been messy) is this - Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed, while smelling gorgeous and lasting for a long time! I stocked up on it last time it was on offer (about 6 months ago), and still have an unopened bottle.. it's just so good that it has blown all my other cleansers out of the water.

Next up is Garnier Fresh Essentials Hydrating Day Cream. As it says on the label, this is for normal and combination skin, which means it isn't too thick for mine but still hydrates really well. The vitamin enriched formula leaves my skin nice and smooth too. I only use this in the mornings, since it is a day cream, before I put on my makeup - a good tip is to really massage it in, then do your eye makeup or something else before putting on foundation so that it has a chance to soak in, or you'll get the oily, shiny look.

Now we move on to the evening.. This is all about getting my makeup off so my pores aren't all blocked up over night - basically making my face as squeaky clean as possible. I always use these face wipes, and have loads of packets littering my room so that I never run out. They are Skin Therapy 3 In 1 Fragrance Free Facial Wipes, cheekily bought in Wilkinsons because they have the best deal.. Basically they're awesome because they remove makeup really easily, even thick coats of mascara and eyeliner, and don't leave my face dry like other face wipes do. After using these I usually use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash again - double cleansing to make sure!

Okay, so I don't just double cleanse, I triple cleanse. And the third product in my skincare trilogy is Pond's Cold Cream. I first started using it when I heard somewhere that Kylie loves it (don't judge me, you know how I feel about that woman), but it earned its keep with amazingly quick results. It's a slightly strange product to use, because you put it on like any cream, then have to wipe it off with cotton wool pads.. but it really works. You would think that after two cleanses there couldn't be any more makeup/dirt on my face, but the proof is on the cotton wool - an amazing amount of makeup still comes off, showing that this really is worth it. It cleans off so much, while making my skin incredibly silky and smooth, as well as hydrating it so well that a moisturiser isn't necessary.

And there you have it, my skincare regime. I do this every day, and although I still get the odd breakout (probably down to the insane amount of junk food I eat) my skin is generally clean, soft and clear. Of course, I'm not a total slave to the routine - there are days when, for whatever reason, I haven't done one of the steps.. like if I am at a friend's house and can't be bothered to take it all with me. But I do notice the difference. I generally have to cleanse and moisturise twice as well the next day.. 
However, I am a big advocate of taking time off doing any skincare at all. When I go on holiday I tend to just moisturise before putting on my makeup and use a face wipe to wipe it all off again.. and even though I get a few more blemishes the first day or so, letting my skin breathe without all the chemical formulas gets it really clear. I also believe that your skin gets used to a set routine, so going back to it after a break makes it even more effective. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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