Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Star Style Obsession - Nicola Roberts

Back in the days of Girls Aloud actually releasing music, I wasn't too keen on any of them.. and Nicola seemed to just be known as 'the ginger one'. But a break from music, an acceptance of her gorgeous pale skin & red hair, a makeup range, solo material & an amazing wardrobe later, Miss Roberts is a complete style queen. She has a real dare-to-be-different vibe, from her porcelain skin to her awesome dip-dyed hair and original, out-there styling - and that's what I admire about her. This is one girl crush based on pure style.

To kick off the reasons why I love her style, this pre-dip-dye look is flawless. That stunning Issey Miyake dress sets off her skin tone perfectly, and she has accessorized it beautifully - a totally classic look that makes her look elegant, sophisticated and stunning.

Some critics didn't like this neutral toned outfit, but personally I adore it. The tonal colour palette that continues on into her makeup and even her hair is just gorgeous. Also, how does she get so much volume in those sexy bedhead curls? Serious hair envy.

It's not just designer dresses that Nicola works, she loves a bit of Topshop Unique - and looking at this I can understand why. Amazing statement dress, and I'm quite jealous of her being able to pull off yellow.. not many people can! The now-signature dip-dye is out in full force and looking fierce, while being able to walk in those shoes gives her serious fashion points. I simply love this quirkier edge to her style, she's a real individual.

See what I mean about individual? I swear that hair bow shouldn't work.. but with that smile she pulls it off. And usually I absolutely hate jumpsuits (I refuse to wear one ever), but this sweet acid wash one works for her - plus nobody else is wearing one!

More Topshop Unique, accessorized with that killer smile and a glass of unidentified alcohol. I love the slightly daring crossover cutout and stripy pattern that take this maxi from drab to fab! And is it wrong that the orange drink adds just the right pop of colour? Now that's clever - coordinating your beverage and outfit.

At a recent LFW party, looking quite toned down and oh-so-heritage-chic in this muted green floral dress and gorgeous shoe boots - LOVE. Also adore the chunky gold watch and bright lippie that really take this look to the next level. Honestly, is this girl a style chameleon or what? Pretty much anything she wears looks incredible.

Resisting the urge to go too crazy with outfits on stage, this daisy dress is gorgeous, kooky and totally Nicola. This girl is racking up some serious style credentials - she may have worn this to perform a few moths ago, but the mini hemline is bang on trend now, what with the 60s vibe floating around fashion space.

Okay, so she's modelling here and is therefore expected to look mind-blowingly gorgeous, but really.. this is out-of-this-world stunning on so many levels. The LBD & heels is a classic combo, but the sleeves and texturing here make it totally unique, while letting her flawless makeup and unbelievably volumized hair stand out perfectly. Top marks. If only this sort of look worked in the real world!

From all black to some serious clashing prints here, kudos to Nicola for pulling off this fashion forward ensemble! I'm pretty sure if I tried to be this fashion-forward I would just look like an explosion in a pattern factory.. but she just looks achingly stylish. Oh to have her innate fashion sense. Gorgeous shoes too.

I remember seeing this a while back and just loving it. Of course, it's totally impractical for anyone in the real world - those shoes wouldn't let you take more than 5 steps without tumbling. I'm actually thinking she has superhuman powers to be able to walk in them. But anyway, this look is amazing because it makes dressing for British summer totally simple - she looks glam and summery, but will still be warm in our disappointing climate! Shame we're heading into winter now..

Airport style.. always a tricky one! Most of the general public will wear anything comfortable because they know they won't be hounded by paps.. no such luck for celebs. They have to look totally fashionable, while being able to survive a long-haul flight comfortably. And does Nicola manage? Of course. The luxe bag and shoes rev up the outfit without being OTT, and the clashing patterns work thanks to the block colour clothes. More style genius from Miss Roberts here.

And finally, since winter is approaching, I couldn't resist a little snap of Nicola defying the rule that warm = unfashionable. This standout red coat is the perfect eye-popping hue to brighten up those dull winter days while keeping you snuggly through the hell that is British wintertime. Also relishing seeing her in flat shoes - practicality!

As I have now proven, Nicola Roberts has insane style and totally deserves to be one of my style obsessions. After looking at these stunning outfits, I am resolved to be a bit more accepting of my natural look, and work with what I have - it clearly pays off for her! The variety in her looks is also admirable.. she manages to change her style often while always looking totally du jour. Now I just can't wait to see what she wears next.. and during fashion week, I hopefully won't have to. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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