Thursday, 29 September 2011

Here's my college look..

Today was once again beautifully, uncharacteristically sunny for the end of September - and I'm definitely not complaining! I may just have replenished my autumn wardrobe, but I practically live for sunshine, so I don't mind not wearing my new clothes.. there'll be plenty of chances soon enough, because this can't last. I bet October will be a complete Siberian winter, and then it'll be cold until March.. so any hot weather at all is totally welcome!

Dress - H&M; Cardi & Belt - Primark; Shoes (practically invisible, but actually my purple wedges) - New Look; Bag - River Island; Necklace - Accessorize; Ring - Parfois; Bracelets - Topshop & ASOS.
For most of my life I was convinced that a girl as short as me simply couldn't pull off a maxi.. but earlier this year I bought my first floor length dress & haven't looked back. This H&M one drew me in with the graphic print, and I had just been waiting for the right time to wear it. Heels were necessary though, and since it isn't a petite dress I did have to hold it up a bit when walking, or I would have gone head-over-wedges in 5 seconds flat. That said, I don't even care about the practicality - it's lush! I tried not to over-accessorize too.. just a pop of colour from the belt & shoes (take my word for it), some gold jewellery and my ever-present beautiful college bag. Oh, and a guest appearance from my cutie of a cat! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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