Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I am determinedly ignoring the arrival of winter.

It is only September 14th. It should still be warm. Therefore I refuse to wear a coat yet. The same way that I refuse to turn the central heating on until at least October - on principal! I also refuse to dress at all sensibly, apparently..

Shirt - H&M; Shorts, Socks, Earrings & Ring - Primark; Shoes - New Look; Bag - River Island; Bracelet - ASOS.
I felt more than a little uniform-y in my white shirt, but I love a classic look. In my head, I am going for English heritage, with the tweed shorts & wool socks - let's hope I pulled it off, and didn't just look like a schoolkid. Also, as many people asked me, yes I was cold. I spent basically the entire day with very un-glamorous goosebumps, but I honestly couldn't find a jacket that worked! And as you all know, weather doesn't factor into my fashion calculations! Oh, and hair up probably didn't help.. but I like to do other things than just leave my hair down.. which I've been doing a lot lately. Aren't I lazy?! Love and kisses, Tara xox

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