Thursday, 24 November 2011

Today, dreams came true.

I literally cannot describe the feeling. I guess I will start by saying that my curiosity was piqued when my mum told me there was a surprise waiting for me at home - clueless, I waited impatiently to get in and find out what in the world it could be! Well, after the whole eyes-closed-hands-out ritual I found myself holding an H&M box. A small struggle ensued to get into said box. And if you are following my train of thought, you have probably already guessed what was inside... Yes, today was the day that this little shopaholic got her paws on some VERSACE!

As you are well aware, I was crazily excited about the Versace for H&M collection that burst into stores last Thursday, and it won't shock you that I had stalked all the pictures and devised a plan of action for the release day, consisting of my wonderful Mum agreeing to face the online shop head on and try to pick up one of my favourite pieces. However, the 17th came around and although my Mum tried diligently to get some Versace in my life, it seemed we were unsuccessful, and so I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never own any of Donatella's masterpieces.. Then this happened. There are no words. And not only do I now own Versace, we managed to score my absolute favourite item from the collection..

How gorgeous?? It looks a little bit weird and short hung up on the back of the door, but come on. It's a stunning dress. I am in love with every single aspect of it, from the iconic Versace print to the all over sequins, and from the leopard print background to the simple, flattering shape. Oh, and it looks pretty amazing on. Even on a pint-sized blogger like me, this dress is a perfect length, and has a cut that suits me down to the ground. I will never get bored of this dress, and I could talk about how beautiful it is all day and night, but for now I will settle for saying that if any special event crops up, there is no question, I am wearing it. And with minimal accessories - this dress deserves to make a statement.

And to preserve my Versace in its current flawless condition, I will be storing it in the complimentary, fabulous garment bag that came with the dress - well played Versace, well played. I adore the vibrant print and colour, I am so ridiculously proud to have this hanging in my room that I don't even mind not being able to actually see the dress through it.. 

So yes, today was the day that one of my dreams became reality. I now possess a bona fide designer item, and not just any designer item, it's Versace! Okay, it's a diffusion high-street line, but it contains an iconic print and literally screams high-end. And honestly, my chances of getting a real Versace dress (at least for now) are pretty darn slim. This has made my year. 2011 = AMAZING. I think I will stop rambling now, and let you get on with your lives.. I am just in such a state of excitement that I am not even sure how much sense I am making! I'm off to go admire the dress again.. Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Hurrah for H&M Versace! You're so lucky to have got some items! x

  2. I know, I'm over the moon! No event to wear the dress to, but ah well! x