Sunday, 6 November 2011

Finally, an on-trend hairstyle everyone can do.

It's been popping up on catwalks for a little while now, and I probably should have mentioned it before.. I've even worn it several times myself, while noting how du jour it is. I don't want to seem behind the times, but I was trying to get some hair-spiration after realising that I wore my hair down every day last week - I need some variety! And while looking up some stylish hairdos I saw one that was cropping up again and again..


I'll admit I do slightly associate this 'do with PE, and just getting my hair off my face, and until recently might have avoided it because of those connotations.. however, seeing the immense variety of ways in which it popped up I have re-thought my ponytail avoidance and will be rocking it more than just at work this season.


This is a bit of a bedhead, sexy-messy way to rock a ponytail. It takes minimal effort to look good, simply pull your hair back with your fingers & tie low and loose - this 'do will work during the day for an easy-breezy style or in the evening to soften a high-octane look. For the evening, or simply a little more detail consider adding an accessory around the hairband, like in the right hand photo, which will add a little interest. If you don't have a sleek gold band like the one in the picture you could easily recreate it by wrapping a piece of hair around the band and securing underneath with a few pins.


Mid height ponytails are probably the easiest to do on any given day and will literally go with anything. Because of this they could be seen as quite vanilla, not very interesting or like you have put no effort in.. but done correctly they can look simply stunning. The catwalk look (above left) is gorgeous, and something you could actually achieve at home - straighten your hair, pull it back and use a brush to get it super-sleek, then run the straighteners over the ends of the tail again to make sure it's dead straight. Hat optional. Then again, the celeb look (above, right) is a bit of a softer take on the mid ponytail. The hint of extra volume and slightly curled ends make it super-wearable and incredibly flattering on everyone.. so pick your style!


This ponytail could take you anywhere from sport-luxe to high glamour, depending on what you wear it with - now that's what I call a multi-tasking 'do! Above are my favourite catwalk takes on the hairstyle, sleek, straight and pulled very high to show off your features. If you wanted to edge towards vintage glamour, try a little hat or fascinator like the above right picture, the high ponytail is the perfect blank canvas for them.
Now the celebrity take on high ponytails, a touch more wearable but still completely stunning. Kelly Osbourne has the playful high pony just right here - volume and curls topped off with a cute ribbon. Try this with a bold dress like hers, or simply on a day when you feel more playful. Nicole Richie is working a ponytail that I think I'll be going for, a high, slightly messy one softened even more with a full fringe (like mine!) which makes it even more wearable for day or night, as well as incorporating the trend for fringes that's popping up right now.


I seem to remember side ponytails having a bit of a moment a year or so ago, but Diana Vickers is proving they are still going strong. This mussed up, side parted wavy style is a laid back alternative to the super-sleek looks seen on catwalks. Follow Diana to look effortless enough for day, yet still be able to work this with a glamorous dress at night - loving the versatility.

Ponytails are around in many, many styles right now from sleek and straight to messy and wavy.. even the height is negotiable. This makes it one of winter's most versatile trend because there is a ponytail out there for every outfit, day or night. My sole reservation is the likelihood of getting a chilly neck and ears while my hair is pulled up and away like this.. for those cold winter days I will definitely be pairing my pony with a cute scarf. This season, the only way is up. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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