Monday, 28 November 2011

I'm free, I just spent all my money.

Today was of course another Monday, which I was rather unimpressed about. Mainly because this means I haven't had a lie in in days (after starting work at 7am both Saturday and Sunday). Consequently, when I was woken up at 6.30am I decided it would be more fun to go back to sleep for a bit.. then I woke up again at about 7.10am - I have to leave at 7.35am - and panicked. Big style. Cue frantic running around room, throwing on clothes and jewellery, practically slapping on the warpaint and trying to dry shampoo my hair into some semblance of nice-ness. Now you can be the judge of just how well I respond to intense pressure-dressing!

Coat, Jeans & Boots - New Look; Earrings - Miss Selfridge.
Okay, ignore the double chin - I'm blaming it on the angle, not an OD on cake. Anyway, today the beautiful new coat came out! I absolutely love it - not only is it super-flattering, but it is ridiculously cosy and the details are just too cute. It looks especially good with this very du jour burgundy jeans because they are a little bit different. This whole outfit was a bit of a rush, so it is a little simple, but it is, in my humble opinion, a failsafe winter outfit, revved up with some seriously cute boots. It is a little bit of a New Look fest, but that only goes to show how versatile and mix-and-match-able their pieces are - kudos to them.

Today, something else new came through the letterbox (well, nearly - it didn't quite fit) to cheer me up..

Apologies for the seriously weird camera angle - it looked normal on screen! But anyway, if you read my post a week or so ago where I was continuing my knitwear obsession and lusting after Christmas jumpers, you will probably recognise this little ASOS beauty.. and you will know how much I fell for it. It was a little pricey, I was a little poor, and it was going to have to wait until payday - and then ASOS had a 25% student discount thing, and I discovered £50 I didn't think I had.. So obviously I bought it! And I am ridiculously glad I did, it is even more wonderful in the flesh wool. Super soft, thick, warm and just downright sweet all over, I can't wait to break this one out. Oh, and just check out the close up on the pattern - reindeer, snowflakes and little yellow stripes. Gorgeous. Is it too soon? Possibly. I'm feeling like I should wait until December, to avoid Christmas overkill. But once I have released this piece, be prepared to see a lot of it. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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