Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fashion Confession.

It may be November, and blatantly getting into serious winter time, but today I have to confess something that I still cannot do..

I am unable to make myself bring out the winter coats.

1. I have been saying to all of my friends that upon principle I would wait until November to wear a 'proper' coat, since it was too depressing to break one out any earlier - and I stubbornly insisted that it wasn't that cold! Now it is very definitely November, closer to December if I am (depressingly) honest, and they have been asking why I am still venturing out sans coat. Partially, it is because I am reluctant to admit how fast time is speeding by, and that winter is here, but it is probably mostly because I am a foolish, impractical girl. I even tried a coat on the other day in a wild flash of sensibility, but rejected it because it simply didn't go with what I was wearing. There. I admitted it. This is a case of fashion over function. And yes, it's not chic to shiver, and I do own stylish, gorgeous outerwear.. Apparently the style section of my brain is just not developing the 'cold-time' outfits yet..

2. Note, I said 'coats', as in the plural, as in several winter coats. Which I do love. I have at least two serious coats, and a jacket or two after last year's horrible realisation that I owned no warm clothes (cue stockpiling of coats, jumpers and cardigans). So there is no excuse not to get them out, when I actually love them. Maybe this week I will take the plunge?

3. It is cold. Standing at a bus stop at 7.45am makes you realise this. Quickly. Oh, where is my sense of practicality? What I've been wearing may be super-cute, amazingly flattering and incredibly feel-good, but having shivery little fingers and ice cubes for toes is not cool. Again.. fashion over function. Ah well. I'll make a promise I intend to stick to this time - by December I will have worn a coat or two!

Love and kisses, Tara xox

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