Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fashion Confession.

D'oh! Just realised that I haven't posted a fashion confession this week, silly old me.. Since I have college on weekdays & the fashion confession usually hits on a Monday I am thinking it will be more sensible to change the routine & post it every Saturday - I generally have more time at the weekends! Anyway, to kickstart the new fashion confession day..

I used to be a little bit scared of maxi dresses.

And skirts too, if I'm honest. It all stems from being practically a medical midget (at 5'0 I'm pretty close) and not wanting to look any shorter than I already do. If anything, I have tried all the tricks in the book to make myself look taller! I always thought that anything floor length would swamp me, and instantly drag me down to the ground, so I avoided all maxi items like the plague. Even at prom, which practically cried out for a full length showstopper of a dress, I wore a short dress and heels to add height - although it did feel good to stand out from all the other long dress wearers too.

However, you'll notice I said 'used to' be a bit scared.. and if you've read any other posts you'll see I've worn a couple of maxi dresses recently and absolutely loved them. I'll admit it was a totally irrational feel since when worn with serious heels and a cinched in waist I've found that said maxis actually elongated my frame and gave the illusion of being taller - why did it take me 17 years to realise this?? Unfortunately since it is winter the maxis are less and less practical - dragging on the floor and getting wet, looking best by themselves and being freezing.. I would like to try some layering though, throwing a jumper over my maxis and substituting the summer wedges for some boots. Watch this space.. Love and kisses, Tara xox

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